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White Spot Car Hop: Preschooler Set and Under? Maybe Not.

White Spot Car Hop: Preschooler Set and Under? Maybe Not.

A few weeks ago, we ventured to the White Spot in North Vancouver to spend a gift certificate. Since it was lunch time and we were in a hurry, we opted for the drive-in.

Having just moved back to Vancouver, White Spot scores really high marks in the nostalgia department. It seemed that Ontario’s only equivalent was Swiss Chalet (or “dirty bird” as some Ontarians call it), and, well, it just wasn’t the same.

I used to pine for a Legendary Burger, oozing with Triple O sauce. I imagined a time when I could pull up to a White Spot drive-in, flick on my lights for service and wait happily for my car tray to arrive at my door – something I used to do with my parents at the Lougheed location in Burnaby when I was a kid.

So when our server asked us whether we should have a car tray for the back seat, I had a momentary lapse in judgment and said, “Why not?”

Here’s why not: while no pirate packs went flying out the car window, there were some near accidents where my kids almost toppled the tray, apple juice and all. Since the tray was too awkward to reach from their car seats, we unbuckled them and having little kids out of car seats who are free to roam the back seat. Well, you know what that means: parents who are too occupied with their kids to eat their own lunch.

At least the kids enjoyed their chocolate medallions.

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If you’re thinking of bringing your kids to the White Spot drive-in, do yourself a favour: say no to the tray in the back seat and opt for handing parts of their meal to them in the back seat. Or better yet: get your Triple O fix in the dining room.

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  • No way! Ya gotta have the trays!

    Just get the kids to kneel on the back seat. That’s what we did as kids.

    Having the White Spot trays brought to the car is part of the total experience of going to the car service!

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