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Three Easy Halloween Dinner Ideas

Three Easy Halloween Dinner Ideas

Halloween can be very, very busy when you have little kids. One of the challenges that a lot of parents face is getting their children to eat a healthy Halloween dinner before heading out trick-or-treating or to parties. You know that this is one night a year when your rules about candy consumption will most likely slide, but it will all go a little bit better if your children have some protein and veggies in their bellies before the sugarfest begins. What’s a busy Vancouver mom to do? Read on, because we have three suggestions for a fast and healthy Halloween dinner.

Easy and Kid-Friendly Halloween Dinner Ideas

1. Sushihalloween dinner

Vancouver is famous for its sushi restaurants, and for good reason. We have so many great places to pick up great sushi in every part of the city. If you’re looking to get out of cooking on Halloween and you want a healthy takeout meal, sushi is a great way to go. According to dietitian Leslie Beck sushi is a very healthy meal, which sets it apart from a lot of other choices you might pick up on the way home from work. There are gluten-free and vegetarian sushi options too, plus sushi with brown rice for added health benefits. And bonus points – most kids love it. Looking for a great sushi restaurant? Check out our Best of Vancouver Sushi results.

2. Slow Cooker Soup or Stew

Halloween is often cold and rainy here in Vancouver, which makes it the perfect weather for a steaming bowl of soup or stew. If you’re going to be out all day, you can set the slow cooker in the morning so that dinner is ready and waiting when you get home. Your house will smell great, too. And you don’t have to limit yourself to soup or stew, either. There are so many great meals you can make in a slow cooker. If you need suggestions, head to Pinterest. There are entire boards dedicated to dozens of kid-friendly slow cooker recipes that may just save your bacon this Halloween.

3. Make-Your-Own Pizza

If you stock up on pre-made crusts and sauce – or make your own ahead of time – you can prepare pizza in almost no time at all. Plus, if you make your own every member of the family can choose their favourites. Challenge the kids to use chopped veggies to make a spooky faces, and you can get them to eat their greens while they enjoy the fun Halloween dinner. Plus, with pizza you won’t be cajoling your children to eat their dinner before heading out to trick or treat. And couldn’t we all use a little bit less stress on a night that’s already more than busy enough?

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What about you – do you have a favourite Halloween dinner idea to share?

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