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Kid-Friendly Vancouver Dining Guide: 41-50

Kid-Friendly Vancouver Dining Guide: 41-50

kid-friendly vancouver dining where to eat in vancouverAnswering the question of where to eat in Vancouver with children can be challenging. Little ones have a hard time sitting still. They make noise, they can be picky eaters, and they don’t like to wait for their food. Of course, there are lots of family restaurants in the city to choose from, but sometimes you want to branch out. After all, you’re a grown-up. You deserve grown-up food that’s interesting to your palate, at least once in a while. What is a Vancouver mom who wants a parent- and kid-friendly Vancouver dining experience to do?

Where to Eat in Vancouver with Kids

Here at we view answering this question of one of our specialties. We just celebrated our fourth birthday, and in the years that we’ve been publishing we’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of restaurants. Some of them are great date-night options. Some of them offer traditional family fare. Many more, however, offer a unique twist on where to eat in Vancouver with children. We like to call them the secretly kid-friendly Vancouver restaurants. Standing out front you might not guess that they have a stash of crayons under the counter or a shelf of children’s books in the back. Once you’re in the know, however, you feel like you’ve discovered something.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing 50 of our favourite kid-friendly Vancouver restaurants in our kid-friendly Vancouver dining guide. We’re listing them alphabetically. You’ll find great cafes, fabulous gelaterias, finer dining choices, great breakfast, ethnic food and a whole lot more. But let’s not delay any longer – here is our fifth (and final) batch of 10 restaurants in our kid-friendly Vancouver dining guide.

Kid-Friendly Vancouver Dining Guide: Restaurants 41-50

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  1. Tap and Barrel, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  2. Terra Breads, Four locations in Vancouver – Read’s take here
  3. The Boathouse, Seven locations across Metro Vancouver – Read’s take here
  4. The Mac Shack, 5395 West Boulevard, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  5. The Naam, 2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  6. The Red Wagon, 2296 East Hastings, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  7. The Sweetery, 340 West 2nd Avenue – Read’s take here
  8. The Wired Monk Kitsilano, 2610 West 4th, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  9. Toshi Sushi, 181 East 16th Avenue, Vancouver – Read’s take here
  10. Whole Foods Cambie, 510 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver – Read’s take here

If you’re just catching up, check out the first 20 restaurants in our kid-friendly Vancouver dining guide here: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40.

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  • I’m confused. I love Toshi, but it seems too small to take a baby in, so I clicked to see “your take” to see how that might work. All it said was you might want to avoid going with kids. How did you come to put it on the list?

    • That is confusing, it’s true. Given that our readers voted it the best sushi in Vancouver, and given that many Vancouver families love sushi, we felt we would be remiss in not mentioning it. And of course, some kids do much better in busy restaurants than others.

  • I feel like Toshi is difficult to dine in with children (I tried to bring my then-18 month old once, because we missed eating there so much!) We knew it would be taking a chance and held him in our laps while we ate at the bar (!) It was touch-and-go, but we ate quickly. Anyway, I was also confused by it being associated with the term ‘kid-friendly’ in this piece. Kids can eat there (older ones best), but it’s not really ‘kid-friendly’?

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