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Back to School: 3 tips to make getting back into a routine easier

Back to School: 3 tips to make getting back into a routine easier

Who’s ready? Back to school is officially coming at us like a runaway train! Now is the time to establish a back to school routine so the entire family isn’t in shock when the big day arrives. And yes, it can be done. Here are three super simple tips to get all ready to roll when the school bell rings.

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Early Bedtime

A good night’s sleep makes a huge difference when your child is managing their back-to-school excitement or anxiety. It can be tempting to drag out those last few days of summer, but a tired or jet lagged child will miss important information and getting-to-know-you activities at school. Start rolling back bedtime incrementally over the next weeks and stick to your guns. It’s will be so worth it when that Day 1 alarm goes off.

Put reading back on the agenda

If summer activities, late nights running around the neighbourhood or iPad games supplanted reading over the summer, now is the time to get it back on the agenda. Not only is reading key for school success, it calms kids down, and gets them in the habit of regular brain work before it’s a necessity. Aim for 15 – 20 minutes a day. Also reading to children (of all ages) is equally beneficial and is a great bonding activity.

Get nutritious groceries delivered to your door

Nutritious meals that energize rather than deplete are absolutely critical for school-aged kids. Kids need to stay focused on tasks at school. But let’s face it, grocery shopping is just another exhausting activity for moms. This is where organic, local grocery delivery from can really help. It’s super easy to order online, with free delivery to your door and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Check out their Back to School picks!

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