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Don’t let all that hard brain work and learning during the school year disappear over the summer months. Summer can be a time of schedules gone haywire and over-the-top excitement levels. On the upside, it’s the perfect time to keep the brain agile by trying new things, eating and sleeping well and practicing mindfulness. Brain strengthening tips and…

paying attention in school

Attention disorders such as ADHD or simply an inability to focus and pay attention is school is a common complaint from students, teachers and parents. Some kids stare out the window, others are the class clown and some get deeply frustrated, angry and unhappy. As parents, it’s easy to think that if they just focussed or tried harder, things would fall into place. Turns out it isn’t that simple.

School-related anxiety is common in students especially those with learning disabilities (and even some without!). We talked to Eaton Arrowsmith (EA) on how they (and we as parents can) help kids get calm and focused so they can develop learn and achieve their full potential.

It’s scary thinking about how much university and training might cost, but saving for your child’s education, if you start early, doesn’t need to be painful.