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VM Picks: Top Vancouver Summer Camps, Camp Monarch

Looking for a creative or active summer camp? One that keeps the kids brains or bodies engaged? Well our VM Picks: Top Vancouver Summer Camps list features some of our favourite camps for kids. We connected with Erin Deighton, Founder, Director, Music Instructor of Camp Monarch about their creative performance summer camp.



Give us a brief description of your Summer Camps

Camp Monarch is an annual two week summer day camp intended for children with a genuine interest in the arts. Campers of all abilities are welcome! Monarch Arts Education’s goal is to motivate children to achieve their true potential in the arts within a positive and encouraging environment. Each day, campers have classes in fine art, music, dance and musical theatre, all taught by professionals in their field. Campers are divided into groups according to age and experience. The second week of the summer camp finishes with a spirited performance for family and friends. The performance is followed by a reception and gallery showcasing the camper’s art projects!


What makes your summer camps unique?

Campers are involved in every aspect of the camp show: they sing songs, accompany themselves on percussion instruments, create the sets, help with the choreography, and tell stories through dialogue and narration, all with a focus on highlighting and developing their strengths and challenging them to grow as young artists.


What are some of the highlights of your camps this summer?

This year we will enter the mythical, magical world of Greek kings, goddesses and heroes. Ancient Greece was rich with art, music and dance – perfect for our campers! At the end of the camp, we will present several vignettes based on Ancient Greek myths, complete with costumes!


What will kids learn at your camp?

At Camp Monarch, all campers participate in music, art, dance and musical theatre daily.

In music class, campers explore their singing voice through rounds and choral singing, and they play all kinds of percussion instruments, including xylophones and drums!

Campers experience dance through games and improvisation to develop confidence and creativity; they experiment with props like scarves, balls, parachutes, hula hoops, and umbrellas, and learn fun and exciting dances for the camp show.

In art campers use paint, pencils, crayons, fabric, modelling clay, papier-mâché and found objects to create masterpieces through painting, drawing, weaving, collage, and printmaking. We also design and fabricate sets and instruments to play for the final Camp Monarch show.

Each afternoon in musical theatre, campers explore movement and gestures to express feelings and ideas, participate in choral speaking, and use mime to depict an imaginary objects. Campers also play drama games and learn to project their voices on stage. It is amazing to see the campers’ self-confidence grow as the camp progresses!

Give us a quick tip(s) on how to prepare kids for Summer Camps?

To prepare kids for summer camp, parents should include hem in the process of choosing the camp so that they can be sure that the program is aligned with the child’s own goals for summer fun! They should talk to their children about all of the different types of activities they will be doing at the camp they choose and go to the camp’s website to see photos from the program. This can help alleviate any trepidation they may be feeling. Also, if possible, join the camp with a sibling or friend. That way, they will already have a buddy to share their experiences with!

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