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Rosé after Labour Day …

As soon as that calendar flips over to September, we suddenly start talking about pumpkin spice everything, even if we are still getting sunburns, the heat is beating down on us, and we’re wearing shorts. Well to protest that, yes, we do need to have a glass of rosé after Labour Day, and luckily there are lots to choose…

There are certain things you need in life in order to survive like air, water and food. Then there are the things you don’t necessarily need to survive, but they sure make life a lot easier like parking apps, eyelash extensions and wine delivery services. (Insert sound effect of angels singing here!)

The kids are sound asleep, you are getting ready to curl up and watch a good movie, you have an olive and cheese plate ready, and are going to pour yourself a soothing, tasty glass of vino. Either way, sounds great. All you have to do is make sure to grab the perfect bottle of wine for the occasion.