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Canada’s 150th has not been without controversy, many pointing out that Indigenous¬†peoples were living here with their own rich and vibrant cultures well before Canada’s¬†inception 150 years ago. To boot many of us are unfamiliar with much of Indigenous¬†history. Thankfully, this summer is a golden opportunity to explore the many forms of arts, culture and…

In the News: Five March Break Camps

February 20, 2017 – Christine Pilkington, CEO of Crisp Media chatted with Global TV about which March Break camps stand out this year fo


Rainy day roundup!

Newsflash! It’s raining cats, dogs and maybe even toddlers out there. It’s so wet the ducks have gone inside. Well let’s face it, rain is something we’re pretty familiar with! So we’ve rounded up a slew of rainy day posts with in-the-house and out-of-the-house ideas for kids!