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Kids have energy to burn? Send them away to the Circus!

Kids have energy to burn? Send them away to the Circus!

Is your child bouncing off the walls, doing back flips onto the couch or running around like a spinning top? Are you a teeny bit concerned they’re going to hurt themselves on the neighbour’s backyard trampoline? If so, it might be time to send them away to the circus, circus camp that is.

CircusWest can help your kids harness all that energy and agility into creative force. You’ll be amazed at what children can do. Think unicycling, juggling, tumbling, acrobatics, trampoline, silks, and trapeze and all in a safe, supportive environment.

One reason we love the CircusWest program is its fitting location on the PNE grounds. The well-loved circus gym is a hop, skip and a cartwheel from the giant Playland Ferris Wheel giving it an authentic feel. And in fact, CircusWest has over 35 years of experience training kids under its belt.

Circus classes and programs for preschoolers to teens

Class leaders have some serious circus chops. From graduates of the CircusWest CirKids program to Cirque de Soleil vets, they all walk the walk and sometimes on stilts!

Cubs (ages 3-4)
Focuses on basic circus skills and circus safety in a fun environment – think dominant movement patterns used in circus and coordination challenges, as well as balance, basic shapes, and body positions used in circus acrobatics.

Lions (ages 5-6)
Focuses on fun, skill development, social interaction and large movement activities. Children learn the basics of juggling, unicycle (yes kindergartners CAN unicycle!), tumbling, trampoline, silks, and trapeze. This class focuses on play with an introduction to theatre skill basics.

Tigers (ages 6-7)
Children learn juggling, unicycle, silks and trapeze, tumbling, and trampoline and take part in balancing activities. This class focuses on play, presentation skills, theatre skills, and movement basics.

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Ringmasters (ages 7 – 14)

Teaches all the basics of a traditional circus program: acrobatics, aerials, balance activities, trampoline, object manipulation, and unicycling. Focuses on group act development as well as basic theatre and presentation skills. Class for 3 hours, or 4 hours for Ringmasters. Plus, where the extra hour allows for more intense training and a wider range of skills to be practised.

PS: CircusWest also offers spring and summer camps and birthdays!

This post is sponsored by CircusWest

CircusWest is a one-stop hub for circus arts on the West Coast. They help children, teens, and adults develop skills in circus arts and performance, while increasing their fitness and self-confidence in a safe and fun environment. They’re best known for CirKids, their youth training and performance program. However, over the years they have developed additional programming to meet the needs of the community, including programs for teens and adults and outreach to schools and communities.

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