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Looking for a nut AND dairy-free drink option? Try oat milk!

Looking for a nut AND dairy-free drink option? Try oat milk!

Are nut or dairy allergies an issue in your family? Many parents struggle to get the requisite protein and nutrition into their dairy or nut-intolerant kids, while others simply prefer a non-dairy option for personal health. Well, oat milk may be just the ticket!

SoFresh Oat Milk

Enter SoFresh. They just launched Canada’s first refrigerated oat milk beverage, a new plant-based, non-dairy option that is completely nut and allergen free making it perfect for smoothies, baking and school snacks.

Oat milk fun factsSoFresh Oat Milk

  • Refrigerated oat milk is a new category in Canada, and SoFresh is made completely from Canadian oats (buy local!)
  • Oat milk is a super popular product in Sweden and South America and is only now taking hold in Canada.
  • Oat milk offers a ton of nutritional benefits – naturally vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free. Low in fat and sugar, high in protein and fibre and has 7 essential nutrients.
  • Oat milk is kid-friendly and easy to incorporate into your family’s diet (think cereal, baking and coffee).
  • And … SoFresh oat milk is completely allergen free, a safe plant-based product that mom can send to school! Hurrah!

Easy ways to incorporate oat milk into the whole family’s diet

  • Add oat milk to your smoothie of choice for extra protein and fibre. Check out this Blackberry Smoothie recipe.
  • Swap out dairy with your morning cereal for this creamy, allergen free, plant-based alternative.
  • Include oat milk with breakfast as you would yogurt (with granola or fruit) to help fuel your day. Really hungry? You can make pancakes or French toast. Check out this Oat-gurt recipe.
  • Froth and add to morning coffee for an extra rich and creamy flavour. Or make yourself a delicious oat latte.
  • Use oat milk in baking. It’s a great dairy-free option to use in your cake, muffin or loaf recipe. Check out this Earl Grey Tea Cake recipe.
  • Use oat milk in a delicious, healthy dessert for the whole family. Think choco almond granita or brioche bread pudding. Check out this Banana Nice Cream recipe.


SoFresh beverages, made by Earth’s Own, are simple, delicious and refreshing ways to add vitality to your day, every day. Their healthful plant-based products are developed and crafted by Canadians for the Canadian palate and deliver a true and natural flavour. SoFresh beverages are anytime, anywhere beverages and a delightful reward for achievements big and small.

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