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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Brunch Date at Medina

Where to Eat in Vancouver: Brunch Date at Medina

Medina is easily spotted by the weekend lineups outside its hip crosstown location. An eclectic mix of people can be found waiting patiently outside the doors for a table … and perhaps more specifically the waffles. If you’re wondering where to eat in Vancouver for waffles, you might want to visit the eatery, located next door to the popular night spot Chambar. In fact owners Nico and Kerri opened Medina with former Chambar staffer Robbie. The idea was to double as a high-end private dining room in the evening, and in true Vancouver fashion these restaurateurs have made the very most of their space. Not only have they created one of the best brunch menus in the city but built the restaurant green materials that enhance the warm and stylish modern bistro vibe.

Where to Eat in Vancouver for Brunch

Lately a brunch date has become a more feasible getaway for me to connect with someone outside of the home.  Whether I am with my husband or some of my favourite girlfriends, it seems I can always fit in brunch. This space can easily host a family with smaller kids, although I wouldn’t necessarily label this a kid-friendly Vancouver restaurant. While there is a spaciousness to Medina, the place is usually packed and wouldn’t work for kids who need to roam. They do have high chairs available, but no obvious spot for a stroller. Medina doesn’t serve up a kids menu but there are definitely options to satisfy and I did see a few tables with a sprinkling of kids around four to six years old. The staff is really friendly and willing to accommodate when possible. You will find mostly young professionals dining here and the place is full of energy and buzz. Personally, I would pick it for the coveted morning out with your significant other or great group of friends.

where to eat in Vancouver MedinaOnce you’ve arrived, step one is getting a table and step two is ordering the waffles. While the entire menu is great, their waffles are famous and served up fresh. Not the typical dense dough, these waffles are light and have a sweetness to them that is distinctly perfect. You can add on any combination of toppings served up on the side. The food is the main attraction here and the presentation is beautiful. Whether it’s in a skillet or displayed on plate, every dish shows attention to detail. The food doesn’t just look good, either – it’s exploding with flavour. You can also order a large variety of specialty coffee or morning cocktails. Plan to stay away and graze your way through a couple of options. Medina is where to eat in Vancouver on a leisurely weekend morning.

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556 Beatty Street (between Pender & Dunsmuir), Vancouver
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