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Wellness Month: Little Mountain Homeopathy

Wellness Month: Little Mountain Homeopathy

Staying well in a western culture often means going to the doctor when you’re sick to get medications to cure your symptoms. Homeopathy and other naturopathic and holistic medicine treat the whole person to cure and prevent illness instead of just treating the symptoms, using the body’s own systems to heal itself. Sonya McLeod is a classical homeopathic practitioner and owner of Little Mountain Homeopathy, a local business dedicated to providing homeopathic healthcare for Vancouver families.

How Little Mountain Homeopathy Began

Sonya started her homeopathic practitioner training after the birth of her youngest child.

“After having my youngest child, my body was depleted and I started having food allergies to all types of food,” she says. “Previously I had never had allergies and it was quite scary for me. I was also having fatigue and skin rashes, and it was difficult for me to care for my children. I saw a number of doctors, and after they offered no practical solutions I consulted with several naturopaths. But I only got better after seeing a classical homeopath and undergoing homeopathic treatment. It felt right for me to treat people with something I knew had worked for me. I think experience is the best measure of what works and what doesn’t.”

After completing four years of training at the The Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, Sonya opened Little Mountain Homeopathy.

Who Can Benefit from Homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatments can be used by anyone with a health concern who wants to use natural medicines as an alternative to or in combination with pharmaceutical treatments. Sonya offers treatments for adults as well as babies and children, including homeopathic immunizations for travel and childhood disease. Homeopathy is also suitable for pregnant women and those who are postpartum, a time when many women are trying to steer clear of pharmaceutical drugs. Little Mountain homeopathy also carries homeopathic kits, books, and remedies for sale.

Based on the testimonials on Little Mountain Homeopathy’s website, homeopathic treatments can be a life-changing experience, especially for people with chronic health conditions that did not respond to western or pharmaceutical medications.

What’s next for Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy? “I would like to treat more people with autoimmune conditions,” she says. “Right now I am studying the work of some homeopaths who are getting good results with conditions like MS and AIDS, so I would like to expand my practice in that direction.”

Treatments at Little Mountain Homeopathy range in price according to the type of consultation. For chronic health problems, the price for adults is $200 for the 2-hour initial consultation, then $75 for 45 minute follow-ups. For kids, the price is $125 for the initial consultation and $60 for follow-ups. Childhood immunizations are $100, including a 1-hour assessment, and $50 for follow-ups.

You can contact Sonya at Little Mountain Homeopathy by calling 604-677-7742, visiting her website or dropping into the shop at 351 East 39th Ave in Vancouver.

Michelle Carchrae is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom to two girls.  With a serious love for Vancouver and an equally serious need to get out of the house with two young kids, Michelle searches out the best kid and parent friendly places to go.  Michelle also writes about parenting at her blog The Parent Vortex.

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