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Summer in Vancouver: 1-5

Summer in Vancouver: 1-5

June is here, and the days are getting warmer and longer. There’s a definite feel of summer in the air. If you’re making your bucket list for summer 2014, we have some ideas. All week long we’ll be sharing our favourite ways to get out and enjoy summer in Vancouver.

Summer in Vancouver: Five Ways to Enjoy It

1. Go to the Beachsummer in vancouver beach

A visit to the beach is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny Vancouver day. Kits beach is, of course, always a popular spot, but there are so many others to choose from: Spanish Banks, Jericho, English Bay, Second Beach … you get the point. The waterfront fun extends to the suburbs as well, from Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby to White Rock and Crescent Beach south of the Fraser to Buntzen Lake for some freshwater fun. Be sure to bring lots of food and water, sunscreen, and sand toys, and you’re set for a day filled with kid-friendly fun.

2. Ride a Roller Coaster

Playland is open on weekends and holidays right now, but it will soon be open all week long. Nothing says summer in Vancouver quite like a visit to the East Vancouver amusement park and a ride on a roller coaster. You can’t beat the classic wooden coaster, but younger riders will enjoy the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster in the children’s area. And on a hot summer day, the log ride is a great way to cool off.

3. Grow Some Veggies

The best veggies are plucked fresh from the ground. If you grew them yourself, the sense of satisfaction makes them taste all the better. Your kids will probably agree – they’re much more likely to eat green things from the garden than from the fridge. There’s still time to grow some of your own veggies this summer in Vancouver. For a wealth of pointers to help you get started, check out our gardening archives and then dive right in.

4. Pick Berries

You know what’s even better than food you grew yourself? Sweet, ripe berries that grew wild. You get to enjoy all the reward with none of the work. Salmonberry season is in full swing now. If you go to pick some, keep in mind that there are both light orange and red berries, and you often have better luck finding orange berries as people mistake them for red ones that aren’t ripe yet. You can tell the difference if there aren’t any red berries on the bush, and the orange berries are plump and come off the plant easily. Blackberries are typically ripe in late July (and may be earlier with the warm spring we’ve been having). They can be found all over Vancouver, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

5. Sit on a Patio

Warm and sunny weather is also called patio weather, and for good reason. One great way to enjoy summer in Vancouver is to grab a chair and a cold beverage on your favourite patio and watch the world go by. Patios can also be a great place to pull up with your stroller when your little one is napping for an impromptu bite. Need a suggestion? BC Living has some great ideas.

Stay tuned for more suggestions for enjoying summer in Vancouver!

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