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Daisychain: A Maternity Support Belt Can Be Stylish!

Daisychain: A Maternity Support Belt Can Be Stylish!

Like many expecting moms-to-be, I found that the last few months of my pregnancy were particularly brutal. During that last trimester, I recall a feeling of having hauling my heavy belly around – even carrying it when no one was looking. I would have killed for a stylish maternity support belt. So when I was at the Baby and Family Fair a few weeks ago, I was blown away by daisychain, a clever maternity belt that supports and lifts a pregnant woman’s belly. What appealed to me most about daisychain was that these belly belts were stylish and practical. I had a chance to chat with Ocean Varney and Anna Mayo, sisters, owners and partners of the Courtenay, BC-based company.

Ocean was extremely uncomfortable while expecting her second child. “She was constantly trying to find a way to support her belly,” recalls Anna, “One day I stopped by for a visit and she had tied her belly up in a bed sheet, she was actually going to go get groceries in this ridiculous contraption.” Hoping to help her sister, Anna scoured all over town and the Internet trying to find something that would give Ocean some relief from the back pain, hip pain and “stretching feeling” under her belly button.

But her search came up short. “She wasn’t able to find anything but this stiff undergarment that kind of looked like a cross between a weight lifting belt and a hospital bandage,” remembers Ocean, who had imagined something more attractive and comfortable. “After that I couldn’t get it out of my mind that there should be something that was cute and comfortable to hold up pregnant bellies.”


And so the sisters decided to launch daisychain.

Daisychain is currently available in three styles to accommodate the different lifestyles and tastes of pregnant women. The duo considers the “Denim” to be the designer jean of daisychain. “It’s comfy and super cute,” says Ocean, who has been wearing the “maternity” belt on her post-pregnant body as a wide belt. Designed with active moms-to-be in mind, the “yogi” is a one size fits all wrap maternity belt also worn by women who just love its fun look and versatility and aren’t necessarily exercising. The “metro” is simple and contemporary. “It’s like a wardrobe staple,” says Ocean, “It fits in almost anywhere in your wardrobe and is perfect for those who continue to work.”

But daisychain isn’t just fashion. These pregnancy belts are specifically meant to relieve back pain, help reduce the risk of stretch marks, restore balance and provide posture support – making everyday a little more comfortable for pregnant women. When worn as a postpartum belt, daisychain assists in supporting the body as it re-adjusts and recovers.

The sisters have already seen some early success in their business. When they took their first sales trip, the third retailer they met with bought their entire stock. “It was a huge sale and kind of propelled us to the next level,” beams Anna. Ocean adds, “We’re thrilled to be making something that really helps women have a more comfortable pregnancy – and that is exactly what we wanted to do!”

daisychain maternity | Twitter: @dcmaternity

Daisychain is available directly from their online store. Shipping is free. Or if you’d like to purchase in person, check out these locations in the Metro Vancouver area:

  • Fine Finds Boutique, 1014 Mainland Street, 604-669-8325
  • Hazel and Company, 4280 Main Street, 604-730-8689
North Vancouver
  • Boomers and Echoes, 1985 Lonsdale Avenue, 604-984-6163
  • Nine Maternity, 2573 Montrose Avenue
Maple Ridge
  • Tiny Fingers Tiny Tiny Toes Nursing and Maternity, 11997 A 224th Street, 604-466-8637
  • The Birth Place, 11952-228th Street, 604-466-5811
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