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Suzanne Siemens’ Favourite Things

Suzanne Siemens’ Favourite Things

Formerly employed as a bean-counting Chartered Accountant, Suzanne Siemens is one of the co-founders of Lunapads, a social mission based manufacturing and e-tail business that specializes in natural feminine hygiene products. She lives in North Vancouver with her husband and two boys.

Favourite Thing For Your Kids

Our two boys are simply crazy about Lego. I love how they can spend endless hours creating new things and building elaborate scenes. I can leave them on their own or get right into it with them.

Favourite Thing For You

Yoga helps me to decompress after a busy day. I also like to treat myself to a pedicure.

Favourite Thing For Work

I love the versatility of our MacBook Pro. It gets tons of mileage in our office as the floater laptop, going from workstation, to my house, to being on the road for business trips.

Favourite Place in Vancouver

I love going to Panorama Park in Deep Cove with and without the kids. It has everything: a great playground, picnic area, sandy beach for beachcombing, and lots of fantastic nearby shops and restaurants.

Favourite Birthday Gift Idea

I like to choose gift certificates and lifestyle books that are meaningful to the person.

Favourite Kids Book

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams is a beautiful classic tale about a stuffed rabbit who wishes to become real. Weaving in themes of love, loss and loyalty, the illustrated version by Donna Green makes it a stunning bedtime story.

Favourite Restaurant

The Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove has great food, ambiance and a gorgeous view. With kids, we enjoy going out for sushi at Hanchi Hana on Lonsdale: fresh, delicious and affordable.

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