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Full Circle: My Mom and Me – Erin McGann

Full Circle: My Mom and Me – Erin McGann

In this series, we invited some of our local moms to have photos taken with their moms, and talk to us about their relationship. As we get older, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves caring for our parents as well as our own family.


My mom was never big on dispensing advice, but she never left me in any doubt that she thought I was very talented. She’s always been my most vocal cheerleader, and for that I am grateful.


When I was younger, people always used to comment on how much we looked alike. She’s always been beautiful at every age, so I hope I look like her! I know we sound nearly identical on the phone. I was too honest to ever use that to my advantage when I was a teenager…

And of course, we’re good at sharing a laugh, which you can see!

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