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Favourite Things: Sue Dickie of Wear Those Deals

Favourite Things: Sue Dickie of Wear Those Deals

Sue Dickie founded her business Wear Those Deals based on her passion for fashion, and her belief in the concept of giving back to the community. The idea is simple: offer customers great fashion deals from hand-selected local and online businesses and create a community to support these independent merchants. Today, this Vancouver mom and entrepreneur shares some of her favourite things with us.

What are your favourite things for your kids?

When my kids were young I loved to read to them. My son showed a love of sports from a young age so we were active – bicycle riding, rollerblading, soccer, skating … it goes on! Now that they are adults and we are all so busy I’m happy when we are all together in the same room! I cherish our holidays.

What are your favourite things for you?favourite things sue dickie wear those deals

I love time spent with family and friends, exercise and spa time!

What is your favourite thing for work?

I really enjoy seeing a business’s succeed through their relationship with Wear Those Deals.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?

When my kids were young we loved Maplewood Farm. And I always love the beach.

What are your favourite things to give as birthday gifts?

I like to give books, jewellery, and experiences. Some examples of experiences would be gift certificates from fabulous businesses in Vancouver such as restaurants and spas, or travel.

What’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant?

This is a tough one, there are so many! If I have to pick just one I’d say Bravo Cucina in North Vancouver. They’re close to home for me and they have the best seafood risotto I have tasted!

What’s your favourite fashion accessory?

I love shoes but can’t wear most of them, so I would have to say jewellery.

What’s your favourite kids’ book?

It was along time ago that I was reading to my kids, but Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch comes to mind!

Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your favourite things with us!

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