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2011’s 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 7-12

2011’s 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 7-12

Before voting begins, we continue our introduction to the 2011 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers you nominated. Meet the next batch of six (and see the first six here):


Karen Brackett of Adventures of the Sunshine Brigade

Karen is a married mother to a 27-week micropreemie who just celebrated her 7-month birthday in the NICU. Says Karen (pictured above):

We will be bringing Nyana home this week and are excited to finally begin the parenthood chapter of our lives, away from the nurses and the RTs and the beeping machines (ok, we can’t escape the machines; they’re coming home with us). We’re looking forward to long walks around the seawall, and getting back to puttering in the kitchen, and learning how to be a family.

We started the blog the day after she was born, intending it to be a one-stop information portal for friends and family who wanted to know about our tiny angel and her progress through the NICU. Over time, we found it provided a therapeutic outlet for both my husband (who contributes periodically) and myself, and we started to view the blog as more of a story of Nyana’s rough beginnings. We’re looking forward to printing the entire blog and giving it to her when she’s old enough to understand it. The blog has also reawakened the writer in me, and for that I’m incredibly grateful.


Amanda Wray of Mon Petit Shoo

A 27-year-old  mother of three, Amanda makes handmade crocheted items from her home in North Vancouver and started to blog to have somewhere for her customers to see her creations. She says:

Shortly after I started that blog my dad became terminally ill and passed away. The blog then became a way to share my feeling and gain support from friends, family and complete strangers. Since then I have been sharing craft ideas, DIY projects, crocheted items and also speak candidly about living with a mental illness.

Having my blog gives me a platform to share the ups and downs of my life. I get so much emotional support just knowing that I am not alone and other moms might be going though what I am going though. I love to hear that people are reading my blog each morning and look forward to the crafts and photos.


Eve Johnson of

Eve is a 34-year-old wife and mother to baby Myelle and Golden Retriever Mylo as well as a part-time nurse. She says:

I’m also living my dream running my online shop where I make scrapbooking embellishments and art journal kits. My artwork has been published in various magazines. My loves (besides my family) include scrapbooking, Bikram yoga, photography, oriental food, pretty ribbons & paper and my mini photo printers.

I love how I get to inspire many people, especially my artwork – my scrapbook and art journal entries about my everyday life. I also love the support I get from my audience should I ever have any concerns or questions. My blog is not only business focused but I also use it to talk about some personal/family happenings.


Jacqueline Way of

Says Jacqueline:

I am one woman trying to change the world one day at a time, one give at a time. My motivation to start was simple: it was my son and all the children of the world who could benefit and learn from daily giving.

My giving has become a daily routine in our home where my son is learning about compassion and giving. He is learning that simple acts of giving can make an impact. Another part of my journey was to show my son that it is important to face and conquer your fears. I wanted my son to know that even though I was terrified, I would try something new (blogging was a foreign entity to me) and take on the unknown world of social media.

I just hit the 200 day mark of 365 “gives”. I never knew how much I would learn and how many wonderful people I would meet along the way. My son’s favourite question to me is “Are you happy Mom?” How could I not be? I have a wonderful child who is learning compassion and the act of giving. This provides me with more happiness than anything I do or will do in my lifetime.


Mo C. of Green Bean & Eco-Mo

Mo C. is mother to a one-year-old boy. Says Mo: I started this blog to keep track of my pregnancy at first and then started covering more topics related to being a housewife. I try to be eco-friendly and economical at the same time.


Bonnie Johnson, Tracy Westerholm and Jacquie Janzen Yee of Tara Cronica

In April of 2008 Tracy, Jacquie and Bonnie were hanging out together doing what all women love to do … sharing life stories. We came up with what we thought was a fun idea; to create a website dedicated to inspiring women to live their most authentic lives. We chose the Goddess Tara to represent our concept as she is the Protectress of Earthly and Spiritual Travel along the road to Enlightenment. We know the source of power in women can be awakened simply by connecting to other women traveling along a similar path.

Then we decided to merge Tara with Cronica, a Brazilian form of poetic writing that’s purpose is to explore the lyrical beauty in everyday happenings. Exactly what we hope to achieve in our own writing! We all have a common thread along our road to enlightenment and that is to be authentic in whatever we chose to do in life. We want to inspire anyone who drops by for a visit to strive to be true to themselves and awaken the authentic voice that is inside all of us.

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