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2011’s 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 19-24

2011’s 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 19-24

Voting for your top fabulous mom blogger is coming soon, but first meet the next batch of six nominees (more are here, here and here, with one last group tomorrow):

Pamela Chan of BC Family

As Canada geared up for the Winter Olympics at the start of 2010, it was an exciting time for me to launch I was a new mother of twins, had six years experience writing content for the Internet, and worked previously as a Montessori teacher and educational policy researcher. My launch coincided with busy days and nights caring for the twins as I tried to convince myself that I really was doing the best that I could for them.

Three months into my launch, while still on maternity leave, I heard that my day job would be terminated due to a management redesign. About the same time we spent a year listing our condo, showing our property countless times, searching for a home in the overheated Lower Mainland real estate market, and spent a month in temporary accommodations. The obstacles that I faced while trying to publish regularly were significant. I’ve discovered that if you’re committed to your vision you never run out of ideas to explore and your passion remains strong. I am as excited today as I was on the first day of my launch. In the last 15 months I have met new people, learned new ideas, gained technical skills and experimented with social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. It is an exciting time for women to be sharing their knowledge and experiences on the Internet.


Cathy Collis of Kick

Cathy is a 42 year old married mom to Hannah, 10 and Sophie, 8, as well as a part time college instructor and an enthusiastic soccer player. She has ugly scars on both knees. She says:

I started my blog because I wanted to become famous and have someone make a movie about my life starring Meryl Streep. I’m still waiting … but in the meantime, I found it to be a good outlet for the funny observations I was making in my notebooks about things that were happening on the soccer field. Then I badly injured my knee last June and my blog became my silly way of working through the frustrations I was having when dealing with knee surgery (and everything else in my life) and to keep one foot on the soccer pitch even though I was unable to play. It’s been fun. Now my daughters want to start blogs. I’m hesitant. Should I let them?


Danielle Connelly of Mother of a Deal

I have always been a deal hunter. I remember learning the fine art of thrift store shopping from my Grandma, coupon clipping with my Mom and cooking on a budget from my other Grandma. Finding a great deal and learning how to make do with less has become even more important to me as a stay-at-home mom with two boys to clothe and feed. And many of my friends were in the same boat. During play dates I’d share some of my great finds and tips and it was during one of those that a good friend and fellow stay-at-home mom suggested I find a way to share these great finds and money saving tips.

Mother of a Deal was originally started in 2007 as a place to share deals with friends and family. It was also an opportunity for me to start exercising my “mommy brain” a bit and to keep up with the ever changing web world. It turns out that there are a lot of moms out there who also love deal hunting and finding ways to save money. What started as a little blog for friends and family has grown into a wonderful community of moms who are also eager to find great deals and save money. It’s this same community that helped keep Mother of a Deal up and running during an incredibly tough time when my father passed away in 2009. It was getting to be too much and I shared what I was going through and that I would need to shut things down for a while and the outpouring of love and support was incredible. It just goes to show what we moms can do and be for each other and at the end of the day, if I’ve helped one mom save a little (or a lot of) money it’s all worth it!


Anna Cohen of Simply Stylish Mom

Anna is an Australian living in Vancouver with two little Canadian boys. She says:

I started my blog in response to Vancouver fashion disasters such as sweats and Ugg boots. I firmly believe that moms can be stylish and fashionable while having a couple of kids tucked under their arms. I have worked in the fashion and events industries and with my knowledge and passion for fashion and style, I started my blog to encourage Vancouver (and international) moms to embrace their stylish side. Additionally I love encouraging local businesses and advertising local secrets and sales that are pertinent to the stylish mom. My blog started because of my passion for style and because a lot of friends asked me to start as they feel I have ‘so much to say’!


Cynthia Scheffers of The Hippie Housewife

Cynthia Scheffers lives in Burnaby with her husband and two young sons, an inquisitive preschooler and an energetic toddler. Previously employed as an accountant, she now stays at home with her boys, runs a small home daycare, and teaches an online course on the side. She says:

I created The Hippie Housewife with a two-fold purpose: first, as a place to document our family’s journey towards a more intentional life, and second, to empower others to make their own informed choices. I blog about natural living, attachment parenting, faith, and gentle discipline.

Becoming a mother was a turning point in my life and the catalyst for a great deal of personal growth and healing. I wanted a place to both document and share that journey. I am grateful for the encouragement I have received from the blogging community, and through my writing I strive to offer that same encouragement to others.


Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Musings

Nikiah Seeds, is the mother of two children aged 12 and 8. For the past 10 years she has worked in the area of woman’s spirituality and sacred birthing as a childbirth educator, birth doula, and owner of a small business called Mama Goddess Birth Shop. She says:
In 2009 I decided to move out of the realm of being a business woman, sold Mama Goddess to a wonderful new owner, and created Red Moon Keeper, my sacred jewelry design studio and Red Moon Musings my blog. Red Moon Musings is my art studio blog, filled with random musings about inspiration, the joy of embracing the wild divine feminine, poetry, art, myth, family life, daily ritual, and living an earth based life with the thousand or so honey bees we keep in our back yard, and wonder at this life I get to live. It is my sincere belief that all women are the keepers of Red Moon Wisdom, and so in the spirit of this wisdom all offerings here are dedicated to the awakening of the wild divine feminine mysteries through Workshops, this Blog, the creation of Sacred tools, medicine jewelry and ceremonies and sweet honey It is my hope that this Blog become a place that feels like home, a place that I can come to remember all life has to offer, to (hopefully) inspire, and be inspired by what others are also doing, as the blog community is vast, and full of inspiration and life!

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  • Hi, I love the way you as a group of women have come together to create a great website. I have some ideas that may be of value to Danielle Connelly. If Danielle is the mother of deals, I am the mother of entrepreneurs. I have done many entrepreneurial ventures in my lifetime and presently am looking to connect with younger women who are interested in saving money. (I am 60+) — it is just an idea….

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