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Mom on the Street: Salma Dinani Dewji

Mom on the Street: Salma Dinani Dewji

We say it time and time again: Vancouver moms are the best. In our Mom on the Street series we’re talking to many of you to find out what makes you awesome, and what you love about the neighbourhood you call home. Today we have the lovely and talented (and 2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger honouree) Salma Dinani Dewji!

Mom on the Street Salma Dinani Dewji

mom on the streetWhat do you love about living in Vancouver with your family?  Why was it the perfect fit for you?

The first thing that comes to mind is the weather.  After living in Winnipeg for six years, I am really appreciative of the mild temperatures here and even the rain doesn’t bother me anymore. We love living in Vancouver with all of our family around us, the beautiful mountains and the abundance of kid-friendly outings and activities.

What is one place you love to eat with your family, in Vancouver?

Szcheuan Chong Qing on Commercial is one of our favorites as well as the Kebab House in Port Coquitlam. They have amazing Koobideh!

As a Vancouver mom on the street, what does life in this city mean?

It means being a part of a our big family again and part of a community that I grew up in.

What neighborhood based events does your family always participate in and enjoy?

Story time at the library, parades and cultural events around the city.

What do you love to do together as a family?

Go to the park, go for walk with tricycle/scooter and swimming.

What things do you, and your family, do to give back to your community?

We like to do things like participating in cleaning up the shore-line, and donating toys and clothes to those who need it.

What is the best part, in your opinion, about having your kids grow up in Vancouver?

Being around the beautiful mountains and scenery and being with all of our family.

Where are your favorite places to shop in Vancouver?

Old Navy, RW &Co and Smart Set. Coquitlam Centre & Metrotown.

Thanks so much, Salma, for sharing your viewpoint as a Vancouver mom on the street! If you’d like to share the high points of your neighbourhood with us in an upcoming mom on the street feature, drop us a line at

Salma is a writer, producer and host. She blogs about parenting, food and life at  Salma is married with two toddlers under four, is a closet bargain shopaholic and used to love to read before she had kids. Now her life is full of kid’s activities, freelance writing, sleep deprivation and lots of love.

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