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You Say: Do you get Teacher Gifts?

You Say: Do you get Teacher Gifts?

With the school year quickly coming to an end and summer vacation almost here, many of us are already plotting fun weekends at the beach or hot summer days in the forests. But before your kids hand in their books and head out the school doors for a couple of months, we wondered, “Do you buy gifts for your child’s teachers? And if so, what?”

According to Indigo books, teachers spend a whopping $143 million each year from their own pockets to buy school supplies and materials for their students. With all that money being shelled out–not to mention the countless, priceless hours they spend molding our kids’ minds–a little something is sure to go a log ways to making them know just how much we appreciate their long hours, incredible patience, and endless enthusiasm.

Here are some ideas you gave us for teacher gifts.

Gift cards

Gift cards are great because teachers can go get whatever they want. And if you know your child’s teachers love books or music, you can match the cards to their interests.

“I find teachers usually love gift certificates for Chapters or someplace like that,” says Anna. Gift certificates for bookstores are almost always a good idea. After all, what teacher doesn’t enjoy reading books of some sort?

Group gifts

If you’re worried your child’s teachers will end up with a bunch of little things they won’t use, you could get together with other parents and buy a group gift.

That’s what Canada Child Care Directory told us on our Facebook page. “My son is in preschool and I am organizing a group gift,” she says. “It’ll be gift certificates that suit the teacher’s interests (like spas and garden stores) and families who want to contribute are each contributing $10 per teacher. They go above and beyond and I definitely want to recognize their efforts.”

Think green

Teachers care about your children and their future. That’s why earth-themed gifts are always a good idea.

“Last year, for my son’s preschool teachers, I went in with another mom and we purchased ceramic coffee mugs with lids and organic loose tea for them,” said Tamryn on our Facebook page. “I am a firm believer in conserving our beautiful planet and if we alljust do our part, it will make a huge difference.”

Give to teachers and help the school

Our own Christine tipped us off to a site that lets you give to teachers and the school at the same time:

“You buy regular gift cards at the face value of the gift card, and then a portion goes back to the school,” she explained.

But we want to know: are you planning on buying gifts for your kids’ teachers this year? If so, what? And if you are a teacher, what gifts do you love getting?

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