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Splash Toy Shop: A Neighbourhood Toy Store in Dunbar Village

Splash Toy Shop: A Neighbourhood Toy Store in Dunbar Village

Splash Toy Shop is a small toy store with a great selection of toys, games and treasures. A big box toy store often becomes a black hole: too much selection, too many aisles to explore, too many options to debate over. The toy sections of some one-stop-shopping stores often have the opposite problem: not enough selection, poorly stocked. Splash Toy Shop is the perfect alternative.

A Toy Store with Something for Every Occasion

Vancouver toy store Splash Toy ShopFrom the outside, the toy store isn’t much to look at. Although, it is also quite a bit to look at in some respects. Life-sized Playmobil figures and bins of bouncy balls and other toys draw your attention to this average sized store-front. But despite its small size, the inside feels spacious and holds shelf upon shelf of all types of toys for kids of all ages. The various sections of the toy store are well organized and neat, making it easy for you to narrow your search based on the age and preferences of the child you are shopping for. Six year-old boy who loves to build things? There’s a section for that. Five year-old princess who loves all things pink? There’s a section for that. Budding musician who is ready to move on from your pots and pans? There’s a section for that, too.

One the most unique features of the toy store is their fairly large section of small toys. These items are great for filling up a holiday stocking or a birthday party loot bag. They’re the kinds of things you sometimes wish you had with you in your purse so you could pull them out in that long grocery store line-up or on that traffic-plagued car trip. If you need a small white-elephant gift for a holiday party or a humorous prize for a workplace game, you might just find what you’re looking for at Splash Toy Shop. They also carry a good selection of helium balloons.

Gift-Wrapping ServiceVancouver toy store Splash Toy Shop

The best part of Splash Toy Shop though, which any busy mom will appreciate, is their free, on the spot gift wrapping service. Wake up Saturday morning and realize that you’d forgotten all about that birthday party? Splash will wrap the present right when you buy it. We can all use a time-saver like that every once in a while.

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Splash Toy Shop

4243 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, 604-228-8697

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