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Sticking with Stuck On You Labels

Sticking with Stuck On You Labels

Guest post by Ana Calabresi

I remember when my mom used to write my name on my stuff when I was a child. She used the good old blue ballpoint pen on the insides of my jackets and shirts. I remember the excitement of labeling my school books and journals at the beginning of each school year. At that time I used plain rectangular white labels with red borders and wrote down my name on them. Still, there was something exciting about labeling my objects, and I’m sure my mom didn’t mind that I didn’t lose my stuff as much.

Labeling has reached a whole new level these days. Stuck on You sent me a package with lots of labels, a beautiful pink backpack and a cute lunch bag, my daughters’ names printed on each of them. Everything is part of the new Designer Collection, featuring 13 new label designs (the singing birds are so adorable) and a line of personalized school supplies (think library bags, pencil cases, lunch bags and backpacks).

I had seen those cute labels before. Well, not as cute as the ones I got though. I fell in love with the patterned birds on the clothing tattoos and the cupcakes on the vinyl dots. The clothing dots are to be ironed on the clothes, instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Ten to fifteen seconds were just enough to transfer the labels onto the fabric, and they really stuck. After a couple wash and dry cycles (tumble dry), they are still hanging onto the pants and shirts just fine. No peeling, no fading.

The vinyl name dots, as the manufacturer says, go on anything that is not fabric. I put mine on my daughter’s sippy cup, stainless steel water bottle, wipes box and binder. Those came in handy as she just started daycare. I haven’t washed the cup and bottle in dishwasher yet, but they are good as new after regular washing and rinsing. Stuck on You guarantees it is also microwave safe.

Lastly, we also got shoe labels. That’s right; you can even label your kids’ shoes.  The pink heart-shaped labels feature the Fairy theme, perfect for little girls. I stuck a mermaid on the left inside heel and a princess on the right one. Shoe labels come with a clear protective cover that protects ink from perspiration. My daughter has used the shoes for over two weeks now and so far so good, the labels are still there.

Each name dot pack ($29.95), either just vinyl or clothing tattoos, includes 50 labels. Boys’ moms have no reason to fret; Stuck on You has the cutest designs for boys as well: cars, jungle animals and friendly monsters are just a few of them.

My girls loved their labels. I loved them too. They are cute, and oh so practical. No more losing stuff everywhere. Bye-bye permanent markers and faded names, hello pretty name labels and clothing iron-on tattoos!

Vancouver-based writer Ana Calabresi blogs about motherhood at

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