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Lovin’ Lovey’s Tushi Wash

Since having my son I’ve become even more aware of minimizing my impact on the enviroment. Once we arrived home from the hospital I soon realized that using diaper wipes was unnecessary – a simple wash cloth and warm water worked just fine. So when I first heard about Lovey’s Tushi Wash, a natural alternative to diaper wipes, I wasn’t sure if the product was something I would use or really needed. But boy was I surprised when after just one spray of Lovey’s I was hooked!

First of all, Lovey’s has an amazing scent that has the ability to make changing diapers a little more pleasurable. It’s refreshingly aromatic and leaves you with that spa-like “ahhh” feeling. Even my husband commented on the how much he liked the scent. Lovey’s also seemed to get my son’s bottom just a little cleaner and softer. I first tried it with an ultra-soft biodegradable bamboo cloth but it works fine with a simple wash cloth as well. Overall, what’s great about this product is  that I feel guilt-free using it, knowing it isn’t harmful to the environment or my son.

Lovey’s is available for $12.99 at or at retailers in the lower mainland including Baby’s World, Hip Baby and Health on the Drive.

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