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Kid-Friendly Vancouver: Rainy Day Fun

Kid-Friendly Vancouver: Rainy Day Fun

When you’re a Vancouver mom, you need a big bag of tricks for rainy day fun with kids. They don’t call this city Raincouver for nothing. While we really have had a fabulous winter this year, we also know that wet weather can happen at any time of the year. With Spring Break coming up next week you may be looking for some new ideas for kid-friendly Vancouver fun on rainy days. Today we have three suggestions that will keep everyone smiling no matter the weather.

Kid-Friendly Vancouver Fun for Rainy Days

1. Rain Gear for the Whole Family
kid-friendly vancouver rainy day fun

Most of us make a point of getting our kids good rain gear. However, many parents overlook themselves when they’re buying rain coats, rain pants and waterproof footwear. The result is that while your kids are enjoying themselves jumping in puddles and catching rain drops in their mouths, you’re wet and cold and shivering, trying to convince them to head back indoors. For parent-friendly and kid-friendly Vancouver fun on a wet day, make sure that you have warm, waterproof gear. It’s amazing how much nicer it is to head outside in the rain when you’re dressed properly for it. Rain gear may not always be the most stylish choice, but it more than makes up for that with how useful it is.

2. Choose a Puddle-Jumping Location With Amenities
kid-friendly vancouver rainy day fun

A bad puddle-jumping spot has squishy ground, no shelter from the wind, and is far away from a hot beverage of your choice. A good puddle-jumping spot has firm ground, shelter from the elements, and coffee. It also offers interesting playground equipment or natural features your kids can play on in any weather. It’s worth searching for the best rainy day fun spots when the weather is good, and you have time to look around and explore a little. Once the showers start, you’re not going to want to spend a bunch of time wandering. The more there is for your kids to do, the less muddy and wet everyone gets, the less you’re be exposed the elements, and the warmer you are thanks to the local cafe, the more pleasant your puddle-jumping adventure will be for the whole family.

3. Allow Plenty of Time

Anytime that you’re having kid-friendly Vancouver fun with toddlers or preschoolers, you can expect frequent stops to examine every twig and leaf, as well as lots of back-tracking and general slowness. Little kids move at their own pace, and the word hurry isn’t in their vocabulary. Everything is new and exciting, even wet weather. Make sure you give yourself lots of time when you set out on a puddle-jumping adventure. You’ll also want to allow time when you’re done to get everyone into warm, dry clothes, and possibly to enjoy a warm snack. Puddle-jumping is best enjoyed when you’re not in a rush to get somewhere else, and when you don’t have any other pressures on your time.

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What are your tips for kid-friendly Vancouver in wet weather? We’d love to hear!

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