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Back to School Countdown Week 4

Back to School Countdown Week 4


We’re nearly there, the kids go back next week. Savour those relatively easy days left, catch a sunset, take an after-dinner walk, eat a very good ice cream.

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Stock up on snack and lunch foods

Time to get all your ducks in a row for lunch packing. Batch bake muffins, buy their favourite granola bars, refresh the raisin supply – you do you. But make it easy on yourself and pull some of their favourites together so that first week, at least, isn’t taxing your brain. Try something healthy and convenient like locally made Gnubees.

Practice that route to school

The weather is so beautiful still, try out the school route before crunch time. This is particularly good if your little ones are heading into kindergarten for the first time. This is when you find out it takes twice as long as you expected for them to do that walk!

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Coats and rain gear

It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever be cold again right now, but winter is coming. Coats, down vests, and rain jackets are all in the shops now. This is the best time to find one you and your small people can agree on.

Label love

Oh hurray! It’s time to actually use all those fancy labels you ordered. Forgot to actually order them? Mabels Labels has express and priority shipping. Tag all those shoes, lunch kit bits, water bottles, extra clothes, and backpacks.


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