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Easter Fun: Get Crafty with your Kids

Easter Fun: Get Crafty with your Kids

When I was a kid, one part of Easter that I really enjoyed was the crafts. I loved making bunny and chick-themed doodads or baskets to hold the treats. My grandma taught me some great ways to reuse things like egg cartons or scrap paper, and I spent many an hour making things at her kitchen table as a child.

To help you get inspired to make some Easter crafts this year with your kids, I’ve compiled a list of ideas with links to websites where you can see galleries of ideas, photo tutorials and video how-tos. Most of the crafts involve materials that you may have around your house already: eggs, paper, magazines, stickers, felt pens, food colouring, fabric scraps and leftover yarn. No need to head to the art supplies store: make it a green (and budget-friendly) Easter and use what you’ve got!

Eggs, Of Course!

Martha Stewart’s website has been my go-to for crafting ideas for a long time now. Check out the tutorial on creating gorgeous marbelized eggs, or try a more modern look with wax resist. If you’re getting bored with the old Easter egg hunt, Martha’s site has also got a gallery of other fun games to play with eggs.

If you or your kids don’t have the patience for the involved process of egg-dyeing, try some non-traditional egg decorating this year. You can use stickers to create all kinds of designs on your eggs. Tip: use hard-boiled eggs you’ve prepared in advance and let them come up to room temperature before decorating or the stickers won’t adhere. Break out the glitter and glue (or glitter glue if you’ve got that) to make some fabulous sparkly eggs. You could also experiment with wax crayons, felt pens or even non-toxic paint to colour your eggy creations.

Springy Easter Decor Ideas

Try making some reusable decorations that you can hang in your home in future years, too. Easter-themed bunting can be made of many different materials: use paper, fabric scraps, felt or even crochet egg, bunnies, chicks or flowers and string them together to deck your walls. Paper flowers are a fun craft project to welcome spring. Try something like these using tissue paper left over from gift wrapping, with pipe cleaner stems.

You can use egg cartons to make flowers and paint them vibrant colours, following the instructions on Skip To My Lou. Now that winter is officially over and there’s a little more light to be had, welcome it in with ‘stained glass’ mobiles made of crayon and wax paper. Take a look at the hearts here on Martha Stewart’s site for inspiration – you could cut out stripey Easter eggs or bunnies instead.

A Tisket, A Tasket, What’s Easter Without a Basket?

Collect some old magazine pages or use admail, cereal boxes, and even milk cartons to create some colourful homemade baskets with Disney’s Family Fun website’s how-to here. If you’re not sure weaving is for you but you have a stash of fruit baskets around, you can simply decorate them, adding handles, as Martha shows you in this tutorial.

Once you’ve got your baskets made, stuff them with ‘grass’ out of your paper shredder or let your kids spend some time with scissors and coloured paper to snip up lots of thin strips. Curl them or crunch them up to get volume and voila: Easter grass.

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Sweet Treats to Make at Home

Easter’s not just all about the chocolate – try making some critters out of cereal like Rice Krispies or corn flakes. Dig up a recipe for sugar cookies online or one of your cookbooks, make up a batch one evening, then spend the next day decorating them with the kids. A few different colours of icing plus chocolate chips, cake sprinkles or fancy sugar, dried fruit, or candies can make some fun and festive cookies.

We hope some of these projects inspire you to get making this season. Try one or two and let us know how it went. Happy Easter!

*Photo credit – vmiramontes on Flickr

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