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Cliffwalk Past Your Fear of Heights

Cliffwalk Past Your Fear of Heights

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I was sure I would want a helmet, life jacket and parachute in order to do Cliffwalk, a thrilling new attraction at Capilano Suspension Bridge. I was also sure I would need the same equipment, in miniature size, to be comfortable taking my two-year-old son on it, but I didn’t. It was really fun and not too frightening after all.

We conquered it

We went as a family on our first trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and its attractions, which was also our first excursion of our Hill family summer staycation of 2011. It was a gorgeous, summer day, perfect for being brave.

I was nervous, hence the thoughts of parachutes, so I brought my sling from when my son was a baby, ready to strap him on so tight he could hardly twitch. I chickened out in the last minute, and had my husband “wear” our son.

The view up high

The Cliffwalk is quite high up–if you look down, you’ll definitely feel the thrill. At the highest point, the Cliffwalk is 90 metres (300 feet) above the Capilano River, even higher than the bridge. The walkways are narrow, only 20 inches in some areas, but the side rails are high and closed-in. I really enjoyed the parts that jutted far out from the rock, it offered awesome views of the river, bridge and surrounding area. It was gorgeous!

Educational excitement

My two-year-old son enjoyed it, but I think older children would enjoy it even more. It’s safe, sturdy and educational.

Signs along the walk talk about conserving water, protecting fish and helping BC’s environment. One feature was particularly fascinating. It displayed the impact of water over the course of 15, 25 or 50 years on mountain rocks. I was amazed at the large indentation it creates in solid rock. My science teacher- husband made sure to take a photo of it to share with his students.

Other thrills at Capilano

I recommend the Cliffwalk for a great, family-fun adventure on a summer day. After you’ve conquered the Cliffwalk, troll the suspension bridge (it sure is wobbly!), scale the Treetops Adventure and walk the nature path. When you’re done and ready to sit down, there’s food, live music and gift shops in the centre.

Note: There is no age restriction for the Cliffwalk, but strollers are not allowed. Babies must be secured to an adult. Visit for more information.

Kristy Hill, of TwellMedia, is a freelance graphic designer and communications specialist working out of her home office in Surrey with a happy, enthusiastic little boy by her side.

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  • Great post! My 4 year old son loves Capilano Suspension Bridge and we were very excited when Cliffwalk opened. We visited opening weekend and must have traversed the Cliffwalk at least 5 times!

  • I definitely don’t think I could ever do a cliffwalk. Especially not a suspension bridge. I remember my family crossing a suspension bridge during my childhood and I stayed on the other side. Even back then I had a very strong fear of heights. I don’t think a cliffwalk would help me to overcome.

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