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This Month: Skiing and Snowboarding and Winter!

This Month: Skiing and Snowboarding and Winter!

When snow appeared on the North Shore mountains one morning not long ago, many of us started thinking about winter. And not just winter, but heading up to one of our local mountains for some skiing and snowboarding. Or maybe snow tubing, sledding or snowshoeing is more your speed. Either way, there’s lots of fun to be had this winter.

Skiing and Snowboarding with Kids

If you’re considering skiing and snowboarding with your kids, has got you covered this winter. During November and beyond expect articles about getting out and playing in the snow with your kids. Whether you’re looking for ski lessons with your little ones, you’re wondering which local mountain is the most family-friendly, or you’d like to learn to snowboard at the same time as your 10-year-old, you’ll find tips and ideas to get you moving.

Many Vancouver moms report that their kids are naturals on the slopes. Kids often take to skiing and snowboarding like a duck to water. They’re naturally adventurous, they have energy to spare, and their compact size and low centre of gravity work in their favour. Plus, most kids love snow. You may find that hitting the slopes with your little ones is a great way to spend time together this winter.

Winter Fun off the Slopes

rainy day morning... (part 7)

One of the things that makes Vancouver so fabulous is all of the local recreational opportunities. The local mountains are a great example, but there are lots of other ways to get outside and have fun during cold winter days. With the right clothing this really is an all-season city, and your children will enjoy getting out and exploring it with you. We’ll do our best to fill you in on ideas to keep you out exploring even as the rain falls and thermometer falls.

Of course, we all know that the real experts are Vancouver moms just like you. We’ll be asking you to weigh in as well, and tell us about your own experiences skiing, snowboarding, and playing outside in the winter with your kids.

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Bring on winter!

*Marina photo credit – Steven Lee on Flickr

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