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Scoop: Avoid the Summer Brain Drain

Scoop: Avoid the Summer Brain Drain

With two weeks left in the school year, some of you might be looking at ways to avoid the “summer brain drain” and keep your kids building on what they learned in the school year.

According to Symbols Multisensory Learning Centres, just a few hours a week over the summer months can make a big difference in your child’s learning, without taking away too much from the summer fun. In its multisensory approach, Symbols employs the four pathways to learning: visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic (i.e. physical movement) and one-on-one individualized instruction to help kids with their reading, writing, spelling, penmanship and math.

Symbols is excited to let Vancouver moms know about its unique learning program for kids. Symbols offers one-to-one, phonics-based multisensory instruction in areas like reading, writing, spelling, penmanship and math. The wonderful thing about Symbols is that all instruction is entirely individualized to the needs of each student. This is achieved through the initial diagnostic assessment that lets Symbols – and parents – know exactly where the child stands in key academic areas.

Symbols’ multisensory format isn’t only effective – it’s also fun for the students! Visit the Symbols website for information on its learning approach, who can benefit, and how to register for summer.

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Symbols specializes in highly-individualized, multisensory one-to-one tutoring for young students. Lessons are available in either language or math. All new students begin with Symbols’ unique diagnostic assessment, which allows for the identification of strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas, including penmanship, spelling, reading, writing, comprehension, sequencing and phonological awareness.

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