Where to Eat in Vancouver: Healthy, Fresh Lebanese at Nuba

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Gastown Kitsilano, Yaletown and Mount Pleasant all have something in common other than the hip happening folks that live there. They all have Nuba, which offers Lebanese food at its freshest. If you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons, this is where to eat in Vancouver.

Nuba in Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant restaurant is located just off Main and 3rd. It’s in a nondescript industrial area, just across from the Swiss Bakery. What strikes you when you walk in is just how unexpectedly fresh and hip this little oasis is. The wait staff are attentive and down to earth, and the service is speedy, which is a relief when you have a hungry, cranky toddler in tow. We asked if there was a quiet spot (more for the other patrons than for us), and we were pleasantly surprised that they have an area tucked in the back that suited perfectly. When you’re wondering where to eat in Vancouver for fresh, healthy and fast Lebanese food, Nuba has it.

Where to Eat in Vancouver, Mezze Style

One of my favourite ways to eat meals is mezze style, or a little bit of this and that, and Nuba serves it up best this way. We ordered La Feast (for two), a two-course vegetarian mezze sampler for $33.00. It included falafel, Tabouleh salad, the best Baba Ganooj I’ve had ever, hummus, crispy cauliflower, olives, pickled cabbage and lots of fresh pita.

When our feast arrived at the table I was surprised by how much food there was. I wasn’t sure that we’d finish it all but the fare is light, not much oil here, and so tasty you’ll want to finish every bite.

If you’re really hungry or have an extra mouth or two to feed, check out Le Grand Feast for $52.00. It serves two but could easily be for three, and it includes all the delectable bits of La Feast, but there’s also grilled chicken and lamb skewers and tiger prawns.

Fresh Juice Bar

Freshly squeezed juices to order are available at all Nuba Locations. You can order up any combination or choose from the list on hand. My new favourite combination is carrot, apple, ginger and lime juice! So good. So healthy.

Every time I eat at Nuba I find myself doing the ‘Healthy Food Happy Dance’. Oh, you don’t know what that is? It’s the feeling you get when you eat something you know your body will thank you for. It’s the feeling you get when what you are eating is so delicious, perfectly tasty and spiced just right. It’s like giving yourself a big ‘ol mama hug.

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If you’re wondering where to eat in Vancouver for fresh, healthy and fast Lebanese food, Nuba is by far your best bet. And bonus points, highchairs are available, and the food is suitable to even the pickiest palates.

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