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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Gain Momentum at Momento

Where to Eat in Vancouver: Gain Momentum at Momento

Note: Momento is no longer in Kitsilano. It has moved to Great Northern Way. This review is of their Kits location. 

In Kitsilano coffee houses are a dime a dozen, but there are occasionally standouts amongst the crowd. Momento Coffee House is a coffee lover’s treasure tucked next door to a Mac repair shop and a stone’s throw from the busy intersection of 4th and McDonald. Momento has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with long repurposed church pews for seating and a farm table to the back of the shop for more intimate meetings, or bustling families. It is a tight squeeze to try to park a stroller inside but Momento is a great fit when you’re deciding where to eat in Vancouver with your kids, if not for comfort, for the friendly, first name basis customer service and regular neighbourhood clientele.


Where to Eat in Vancouver: The Best Coffee in Kits

When my family moved to Kitsilano we were told that Momento was the place to go for the best coffee in Vancouver. My husband, with our then infant son, began a weekly excursion to the coffee house and became schooled in the art of fine coffee by the proprietor, Rick Martin. When I realized I was missing out on something special I became the third party on their coffee ventures. It’s become our answer to where to eat in Vancouver for a great coffee house experience.

Momento specializes in distinct brew methods that allow the pure taste of the coffee beans to come through. This taste is defined by the growing climate and elevations where the beans were harvested and what methods the farmers use to process the cherries to acquire the beans. Momento uses beans roasted locally by Origins on Granville Island.

Varied Brewing Methods and Kid-Friendly Drinks

The brewing methods used at Momento include French Presses, A Hario Pour Over Bar and Hario Syphons. Prior to visiting Momento my husband and I covered the taste of our coffee with cream and sugar. Now we appreciate the unadulterated taste of quality coffee beans, usually opting for the pour over method. While we savour our morning cup of coffee the barista will make up kid friendly drinks such as warmed milk served in espresso cups. Our sons love to feel like grown-ups with their mini mugs. We share one of the delicious baked goods (a moist, almond croissant with perfect flakiness on the outside and smooth almond butter filling in the centre) and then head off to the park with warm bellies.

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For moms wondering where to eat in Vancouver for a cup of joe and kid-approved snack, Momento is the coffee house to visit to gain some momentum for your day.

Momento Coffee House | Twitter
577 Great Northern Way, #120


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