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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Duffin’s Donuts

Where to Eat in Vancouver: Duffin’s Donuts

If you’re a food nerd in Vancouver there’s a pretty solid chance that you already know all about Duffin’s Donuts. But if for some reason you are outside the know, Duffin’s Donuts is where to eat in Vancouver anytime you are hungry at any hour of the day for any kind of food. Because it is open 24 hours per day and they serve just about every food.

A Tim’s Alternative on the East Side

Now, you might think that Duffin’s Donuts is an establishment where doughnuts feature prominently. And, of course, they do – they are right out in front, where you would expect. But they are by no means the main attraction, and that is the magic and wonder of Duffin’s Donuts. Let’s just say that if/when the real estate developers come for the corner of 41st and Knight I will have my insurrection shoes on.

I like the pupusas, which are a Salvadoran dish of thick masa tortillas filled with cheese, beans, pork, or a combination of these. You get a tomato-based sauce to go with them, and a bit of slaw, and they are $1.85 apiece and you have get at least two (restaurant rules). Spouse usually gets a torta, and always the fried chicken. Sometimes a tamale. Sometimes a bahn mi. You can also get bubble tea. Spring rolls. Bear claws. Duffin’s Donuts is insane.

It is fast-food paradise.

24 Hour Eats in Vancouver

Duffin’s Donuts kid-friendly, with spacious booths and high chairs. There is usually parking in the lot outside, and if not there then nearby. It’s nice to get take-out and head down to the park at Knight and 33rd – a chorizo torta and a bottle of Jarritos on the grass is a very adequate picnic.

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Some items are better than others – Spouse swears by the chorizo and egg sandwich, but we have been disappointed by the Vietnamese sandwiches (there are a lot better for less on Kingsway). The fried chicken is surprising – in a good way. Get the spicy kind. But the prices are good and you can get lunch for two for under $20, especially if you don’t ORDER ALL THE THINGS, which is how we do it. No regrets.

Treat yourself. At midnight, or whenever. Duffin’s forever.

Duffin’s Donuts

1391 E 41st Avenue, Vancouver, 604-325-5544

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