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Dolce Amore: Fabulous Gelato on Commercial Drive

Dolce Amore: Fabulous Gelato on Commercial Drive

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I’ve had a killer week this week, with lots of evening business events as well as some socializing time with my sister. Having missed the bedroom routine a few too many times, I was starting to feel a bit out of touch from my kids.

So I picked them up early one afternoon and took them for a cone at Gelateria Dolce Amore on Commercial Drive.

A few months ago, when my husband and I were on the hunt for gelato, we stopped in on this cute gelato store only to find it closed. We ended up visiting La Casa Gelato, but I’ve been meaning to return.

My kids can easily see the ice cream cases and eagerly pick their scoop. My four-year-old has developed an affinity for mint (in this case “menta”) since that’s one of her father’s go-to flavours. My younger daughter remembers having had cherry at another gelato outing and chooses it again. I’m never devoted to my flavour choices, but I do always stick with more caramel, coffee and nut flavours. I select a half-and-half combo of pistachio and cota panna, which I’m told resembles crème brulee. And it does.

Since it’s late afternoon on a rainy weekday, we have the entire place to ourselves. I like that there is seating in the shop – enough to accommodate a few groups of people at least.

My kids happily settle in their chairs and offer up their scoops for each other to taste. My two-year-old isn’t one for fruit (go figure), so she avoids the whole cherries in her cup. But other than that, the gelato is delicious and a big hit with the three of us.

And I feel like the best mom ever.

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kids and adults posing for a photo

Two kiddie scoops and one adult scoop cost around $12. Photo courtesy of Gelateria Dolce Amore.

Gelateria Dolce Amore

1590 Commercial Drive (at Graveley), Vancouver

Photo credit: Erika G on Yelp

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