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Not everyone wants to be sacred witless during the Halloween season! If the thought of Fright Nights and Haunted corn mazes has you running for cover, rest assured there are plenty of sweet but spooky events that will still allow the kids to sleep at night.

October is pumpkin picking time. If you’re heading to the patch this weekend, here are a few tips for creating a great experience for the whole family. Pick the right patch It’s not just about the pumpkin these days. Most families heading to the pumpkin patch are looking forward to a day filled with exciting activities. Check…

School, pre-school and daycares are full of healthy, active kids for now. It won’t be long until the human petri dishes discharge sick kids by the dozen back home to their exhausted parents. Now is the time to get into bug and virus fending mode and get your kids into some good hand-washing habits. 5…