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Six benefits of arts camps

Six benefits of arts camps

We hear a lot about the benefits of team sports and sports camps, but arts camps bring a whole lot of unique benefits of their own. Think self-expression and confidence and bursts of creative thought that lie dormant amid all the tech cacophony of modern life.

Six benefits of arts camps

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Confidence builder

Arts camps give kids more time to really dig in to new techniques and approaches to expressing themselves. Trying out new ideas and having the time to figure out how to make a project work is a great self-esteem and confidence builder. There’s nothing better than producing something you’re proud of, and being able to say ‘I made that!’

Immersive learning 

An extended period of full-day instruction gives both teachers and kids time to explore subject matter in a way that just can’t happen in a classroom setting. Even a two-hour after school program can’t quite get there. When you have a full day, several days in a row, the immersion is intense.

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Creative outlet

We all know creativity is the key to success these days! Innovation and invention and the watchwords of the 21st Century. Being able to think creatively is something inherent in art-making, and thinking outside the box and looking at problems from different angles are important life and work skills.

Motor skills

Dancing, theatre, painting, sculpting, cartooning, playing the piano all have one thing in common: they help build motor skills. Whether you’re capturing a scene on paper or moving your body, you’re honing your ability to move your muscles in very specific ways. In the process, kids are learning coordination that can come in useful whether they’re learning to write, play a sport or just navigate the world.


Through the arts, kids learn to express themselves and their emotions in unique and constructive ways (think acting or painting or banging on drums!). By exploring their feelings through art, kids learn to understand themselves better, and may even forge a useful outlet that can last a lifetime.

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Friendship & fun

Sharing an intensive creative experience with peers is how deep friendships are formed. Arts camps is the perfect stage on which to connect with others, express yourself and have fun too!


This post is sponsored by Monarch Arts Education. Monarch Arts Education runs spring and summer day camps for children ages 5 – 12 who love to create, dance, sing and perform! In 2002 Erin Deighton, Owner and Director, started Camp Monarch offering classes in music, art, dance and musical theatre taught by professionals. Erin wants her campers to leave each camp with new sense of their artistic gifts and of themselves. Erin’s goal is to motivate children to achieve their true potential in the arts within a positive and encouraging environment.


Article written with input by Amber Strocel and Erin McGann

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