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Three reasons you need to take a break

Take a break? Sounds enticing but really how has time for that? We’ve got lots of good reasons and ways to make it happen. How about giving yourself 20 minutes with the really good tea, maybe a new book, maybe a spa morning. We’re talking about more than locking yourself in the bathroom for 4 minutes so you can actually read a whole article start to finish. If you need convincing, read on.

Take a break

Three reasons you need to take a break

Summer is exhausting

Everyone talks about summer like it’s endless days by the pool, smiling children, and food that spontaneously grills itself. In reality, it can feel like everything still needs to get done, but it needs be So Much Fun and Outside. There’s the relaxed routines (ie late bedtimes), summer camps to prepare for every week, bored children – and it’s too hot to cook all the usual meals. There’s a lot of pressure to produce those perfect smiley summer Facebook photos.

It’s not going to get less exhausting

Once school starts, there’s that tidal wave of forms to fill out, lunches to make, and things to label (visit our Back to School Countdown to get prepped, we’ve got your back). Before you’ve drawn breath, it’s Thanksgiving and then Halloween. I’m not going mention holidays that involve large pine trees inside and a lot of wrapping paper.

Take a break

When you feel good, you can tackle so much more

All of these things you can do, and do well, however, it’s much easier when you feel sorted out yourself. We don’t do ourselves or our families any favours when we’re run down. Take a breather. Whether that’s taking the time to sit down with that book you’ve wanted to read for ages, having a quiet cup of tea somewhere lovely, or a good spa day – you need it.

Take a break

What’s your plan for taking time for yourself?

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