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VM Picks: Five last minute summer camps

VM Picks: Five last minute summer camps

What? You HAVEN’T booked summer camps for the kids yet? Not to worry, while some sell out in a New York minute, many have spots available. Here are a few picks.

Last-minute Vancouver summer camps

Camp Monarch

Sign the kids up for an immersive arts camps. Every summer at Camp Monarch, campers collaborate for two weeks to create a magical show. They sing songs, play instruments, learn dances, create costumes, sets, props and costumes and wrap it all up with a mythical story performed for family and friends.

Ages: 5-12
Dates: July 10-21, 2017
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Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art

At this wonderful arts camps, children engage in the process of making, discovering the joy of manipulating materials with their hands, transforming it to leave traces for others to decode. Kids experience the thrill of watching words pile up on a blank page or blank canvases come to life with paint. They’ll spend their time inventing imaginative worlds and daring to get lost in them! And really? Isn’t that what summer is all about?

June 26 to September 1, 2017
Ages: 3-18
Find out more! >> Read our Q&A with Christianne’s Lyceum

SFU Camps

Want it all? Then check out SFU Camps. They have pretty much everything imaginable: dance, glee club, claymation, moviemaking, swimming, science and computer camps, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, climbing as well as outdoor adventure camps, and many many more!  The camps has access to three gyms, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool and dive tank, archery hill, 400m track and four fields.

Ages: 4.5 – 17
Dates: July 4th to Sept
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Academie Duello

Looking for something unique that will enchant and inspire your child? This five-day camp curriculum is focused on the skills of becoming of a knight – from martial arts of the longsword and sword and shield – to the practice of knightly virtues such as courage and integrity. Students at Knight Camp learn about history, leadership, heraldry, archery, medieval games and more.

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Ages: 8-14
Dates: June, July and August
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 Sky Zone Surrey Trampoline Park


Whether your kids are bouncing off your walls at home or glued to their electronics, Sky Zone’s Summer Camp is the answer to keeping them active, healthy, and most of all having fun! Full and half-day camps available.

July 3-Sept 1, 2017
Ages: 6-14
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