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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: Mama in the City, Left Handed Scissors, So Much to Love, Left Coast Mama

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: Mama in the City, Left Handed Scissors, So Much to Love, Left Coast Mama

We’d like you to meet four more moms who are rocking the Vancouver blogosphere:

  • Andrea Firmani, Mama in the City (Apartment Baby)
  • Megan Zandstra, Left Handed Scissors
  • Sherri Birt, So Much to Love
  • Gwendolyn Floyd, Left Coast Mama

Cheer on your favourites in the comments below!

Mama in the City by Andrea Firmani


Carrie Bradshaw meet Andrea Firmani. Andrea also writes about the city except her subject matter is motherhood and her city is Downtown Vancouver. But don’t be fooled – Mama in the City is fabulously entertaining. Otherwise known as Apartment Baby, Mama in the City is where Andrea – a labour and delivery nurse – writes about raising her son in the city and all that it brings into her life. Andrea also blogs on breastfeeding, parenting and issues in the news that she thinks are interesting. We also love Mama in the City for the adorable photos of Andrea’s son Ben taken by her husband Alex (who by the way, was listed as one of Vancouver Mom’s 50 Essential Portrait Photographers list last fall!) Read more at

Left Handed Scissors by Megan Zandstra


Megan Zandstra is a mom of three who is learning to sew, grow food and simplify. Megan says that her blog Left Handed Scissors, helps her share information with other sewists, gardeners, crafters, stay-at-home parents and library lovers. Megan is also a librarian, trying to figure out how to work and stay home at the same time (hence the new community crafting business). As you might have guessed, Megan is left-handed. She says that this means that she often follows instructions upside-down and backwards! But as far as we can tell Megan seems to be getting the hang of this sewing thing – she even sells a few of her creations on Etsy. Megan recently relocated from East Vancouver to North Vancouver to be next to the mountains and trails. Settling-in has been a popular theme of hers lately – missing The Drive, loving the smell of trees and listening to the Owls at night. Read more at

So Much to Love by Sherri Birt


Sherri Birt just recently created her blog So Much to Love, but we just had to include her on our list. Sherri’s posts have put us on to some really cool products, designs and interesting blogs too! Sherri says that so far, she’s really enjoying blogging as an outlet while being a stay-at-home mom (and wife to a man she adores) in the suburbs of Vancouver. Seeking to find inspiration in a cookie-cutter environment, Sherri’s blog is her forum to show her appreciation for the talent of others and share what she finds in the way of home decor, fashion and other things. Sherri hopes that her finds will inspire you as they do her! Read more at

Left Coast Mama by Gwendolyn Floyd


Gwendolyn Floyd started Left Coast Mama as a way to keep family connected across the country but it quickly morphed into a place where she wrote about almost anything. What Gwen says about her popular blog: “Sometimes it is all about life with two very active little boys, and sometimes it is just whatever is on my mind. I try to be honest about life as a woman who also happens to be a mom.” Gwens posts also include the odd recipe and informal review (or rant!). Gwen is also active on twitter but if you aren’t, you can read her weekly tweets right on her blog. Read more at

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