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A trampoline may be primarily for jumping, but there are so many other neat things you can do on its bouncy surface. From sleeping under the stars to watching movies, a trampoline can become a backyard clubhouse for the kids all summer. Five surprising things you can do on a Springfree trampoline Have a sleepover ON your trampoline…

Springfree Trampoline

These Vancouver kids got the surprise of a life-time when a fully loaded Springfree Trampoline showed up in their back yards! Really, is there anything better after all the nagging and no-ing, to spring something (springless) on the kids you know they’ll flip for.  Simply the best! Surprise! The reveal! How to get your kids OFF…

Sky Zone Trampoline park

When you think of trampolining, do you think of jumping up and down with maybe a few “down on your bum and up again” moves? Well indoor trampoline parks like Sky Zone in Surrey offer a whole lot more than that. Think wall-to-wall bouncy surfaces, and everything from sensory evenings for sensitive jumpers to madcap birthday…

Looking for a super fun way to get fit and burn off that post-holiday roll? Or spice up your usual fitness routine? Well Skyzone in Surrey is offering trampoline fitness for grown ups so you can feel the freedom of childhood and burn off a few calories while you’re at it.

Jump Around: Bouncy Indoor Fun

Rainy day? Kids bouncing off the walls? Take them to a play venue where jumping, running and bouncing is not only allowed by encouraged!