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Thanksgiving: things we’re thankful for this fall

Thanksgiving: things we’re thankful for this fall

You thought September was crazy, try October! It’s a madhouse what with Thanksgiving dinner preparations, endless Halloween parties, costume requests (switches & rejections), and a candy high that starts now and runs until Christmas. Still it’s hard not to sit back and admire the cool, crisp, autumnal beauty of Vancouver.

Here are a few things we’re grateful for this fall

The weather: It’s been so gorgeous with perfect crisp weather, blue skies and great for strolling, hiking, running (Turkey Trot anyone?) and taking great shots of the kids.

Image credit: Harriet Fancott

Fall bounty. It’s apple fest and U-pick time, and the apples are tangy fresh and delicious at this time of year. Farmers’ markets are picturesque and bountiful at harvest time overflowing with plums, peppers, apples, pumpkins, pears, corn, and fancy gourds.

The pumpkin patch. The annual pumpkin patch outing is a tradition worth establishing and keeping. Cute kids surrounded by orange pumpkins, running through corn mazes, rising in a hay wagon make these trips memorable. Plus most now have additional fun like corn cannons, playgrounds and jumping pillows!

Leafy walks: The leaves are slowly turning from green to bright yellow, glowing orange, rich reds and deep purples.  The crunchy sound they make underfoot and the glee the kids get from jumping into a leaf pile. Check out these great fall walks.

Golden light: Nothing beats the slanting sunlight of fall for unforgettable family photos.

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Image credit: Harriet Fancott

Chucky sweater and tall boots: Wardrobe change! There’s a certain comfort in digging out woolly sweaters, tan boots and picking up warmer threads for the kids.

Turkey dinner: Whether you enjoy the meal and party prep or would prefer to outsource, it’s a great way to really sit down with family and friends and give thanks. PS: Here’s where to get organic turkey and even turducken!


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