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Wellness: Healthy Food Options in Vancouver

January may be over, but we still have wellness on our minds. Have you made strides to improve your overall wellness by incorporating some of what we’ve offered up in our Wellness Guide? Do you need a few more ideas to keep you going down the path to wellness? If so, we have the scoop for where to eat in Vancouver if you’re looking for healthy food.

Three Meals: Fast, Healthy and Kid-Friendly

Here are three great ways to make sure you keep introducing healthy, fun and delicious foods your family will love.

Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop | 3598 West 4th, Vancouver

wellness where to eat in vancouver healthy foodCommitted to fresh local and organic ingredients, this little cafe offers more than meets the eye. When you’re looking for meal options that are fast, healthy and kid-friendly in Vancovuer, Aphrodites’ doesn’t disappoint. It’s comfortable, in a shabby chic sort of way. The staff are friendly and kids are always welcome. With an extensive brunch menu for kids, daily fresh sheet, gluten-free and vegan options there are many options to keep you coming back. My favourite dishes are the Tofu Scramble and the Spanish Banks Burrito both served with a fresh house green salad.

wellness where to eat in vancouver healthy foodAnd then there’s the pie. With many options to choose from, including vegan, meat and veggie and of course the fruit pies like pumpkin, cherry and raspberry apple, Aphrodite’s makes the best in town. There are cases full of fresh pies waiting to be picked up and popped into the oven. Pair a savoury pie with a tossed green salad and/or some roasted vegetables and you’ve got a healthy meal to look forward to with little effort on your part. You can also pick up a whole fruit pie to pop in the freezer for the next time you crave hot apple pie. If you keep the portions small, Aphrodite’s is where to get your pie fix, and still keep to your healthy eating plan for the months to come.

Salad Bars at Your Local Grocer Offer Wellness

Wellness, Where to Eat in Vancouver, Complimentary Snacks, Whole FoodsIn a rush but still want healthy options? You can find what you’re looking for at Whole Foods on Cambie Street. With a massive salad and hot food bar there are plenty of healthy food choices. From hot vegetables and pasta dishes to mac and cheese, hot soups and chili, you decide how much goes on your plate. The Cambie Street location has a great kids area, just give the tables a wipe down first.

Whole Foods has a Kid’s Club program which offers free, healthy snacks of apple sauce, fresh fruit and boxes of raisins. This is such a blessing when you’re in a rush and your kid’s growth spurt gets the best of their mood and your pocket book.

Whole Foods in Vancouver is where to find fast, healthy and kid-friendly foods to keep you on track for wellness.

Source Fresh Ingredients Quickly

Granville Island wellness where to eat in vancouverCan’t decide what to do for dinner but tired of the ordinary places to do your shopping?Everyone who frequents Granville Island Public Market knows how crazy it can get sometimes. But did you know that during the day at this time of year the Market is easily accessible? You can usually find parking close to the entrance of the market to pop in to gather the ingredients you’ll need for a meal that is as fresh as it gets. You’ll even have time for a latte from JJ Bean as you pause to enjoy one of the most beautiful places to shop and take in the view in Vancouver.

Here’s a recipe I found on Granville Island’s website that you can put together in under fourty-five minutes and source all the main ingredients at the market:

Potato Gnocchi with Classic Italian Tomato Sauce and Italian Sausage Recipe

Gnocchi wellness where to eat in vancouverThis recipe calls for homemade gnocchi, but why bother when Zara’s Pasta on Granville Island makes it daily from scratch?

When you’ve gathered your fresh Oyama sausage, Zara’s gnocci and Reggiano parmesan, handpicked basil and the rest of the ingredients head over to Liberty Wines and grab a bottle of your favourite Pinot Noir, some for adding to the sauce and some for the chef.

So there you have it, three ways to keep you on the path to providing fresh, healthy food options for your family in Vancouver.

When you have wellness on your mind, what local spot tops your list of where to eat in Vancouver?

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