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Wellness: Good Vibrations at Pure Vibe Studio

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations…”

Wellness in 20 Minutes?

When Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration Studio first appeared in Kitsilano I would walk by it, pushing my stroller and inwardly mocking the sign that advertised a one hour workout in 20 minutes. As if that’s possible! I had always heard it takes at least 20 minutes to warm up your body in order to burn calories. I was not planning to test out the validity of Pure Vibe’s promise of fast results in a short time (Burn 600 calories in 20 minutes!) until various connections led me to a demo night at the studio. Would it deliver on the wellness front?

Wellness Month Pure Vibe Studio
Dominica on the Hyper Vibe machine

An Intimate Workout Space

The Pure Vibe Studio is an intimate space with seven Hypervibe machines. I was the only person to wear workout clothes to the demo night and so found myself shaking my thing in front of a room of onlookers. The Hypervibe machine resembles an elliptical without the moving arms and a vibrating platform instead of pedals. When I stepped on the machine, I felt the vibrations from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. It was like sitting on a dryer times ten (I did this while waiting for laundry once and missed an entire earthquake). But was it actually wellness-enhancing?

At first the vibrations felt like a pleasant massage. Then my assigned trainer of the dynamic duo, Elgan Ross and Dominica Bay, had me doing squats, leg raises, tricep dips, and sit-ups. Within minutes I was sweating and experiencing serious muscle overload. I didn’t do a full workout that night but my curiosity was sparked enough to agree to a two week trial at the Pure Vibe Studio. Could they make me a believer?

Here’s the Low Down

The repetitive upward movement of the platform on the Whole Body Vibration Machine sends pulses of kinetic energy up through your body. The strength of the energy waves are controlled by the machine’s control panel. The machine warms you up rapidly because as each wave moves up through your body some of the energy is absorbed by the tissues of your body and converted to heat. As you vibrate the machine stimulates muscles and other reflexes and mobilizes joints and muscles. This type of workout is believed to have a host of wellness benefits, including accelerated weight-loss, improved bone density and circulation, increased strength, massage and relaxation, and decreased cellulite (yes, please).

Is That a Thigh Gap?

Pure Vibe Studio offers small classes of three as well as Open Vibe work outs which allow clients to run their own fitness program with the oversight of a trainer. I began attending the class up to four times a week. After my first 20 minute session with the always smiling and encouraging Dominica, I felt as though I had completed an hour long exercise class. All my muscles felt warmed up and worked out. Two of the measures of an effective workout for me are whether or not I have grunted sufficiently, and whether or not I have inwardly cursed the instructor. Check and check. I was back at my house before the babies missed me.

Now, I am about to tell you something unbelievable, but nonetheless true. I was examining my body in the mirror post work out (as you do) and I noticed definition in my calf muscle (something I have never been able to attain). I showed my husband and he agreed. I suddenly felt very enthused to see what other changes would happen to my body in the next two weeks. As I huffed and puffed my way through each Pure Vibe workout I continued to see rapid results. My  arms and tummy became toned, I had a deeper indentation between my thigh and butt, and low and behold, a thigh gap. I could sing with confidence, “Gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations a happenin’!”

I’m a Believer

If you are a Vancouver Mom looking for a time efficient, quick result workout, I highly recommend checking out The Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration Studio. For those who are self-conscious and would not step foot in a gym, the studio is intimate and clients are too busy vibrating to notice each other’s jiggles. It’s wellness without feeling like you have a spotlight on you. Dominica summed up Pure Vibe’s wellness philosophy this way:

“At Pure Vibe we respect that your time is valuable and are committed to accommodating your busy schedule and dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Our “boot camp style” Pure Vibe Classes are specifically designed to be as efficient and concise as possible while ensuring you receive all the benefits.”

Not convinced yet? Go to the Pure Vibe website for more information or visit the studio for a free introductory session, and see how it impacts your wellness.

Pure Vibe Studio | Twitter | Facebook
2028 Stephens Street, Vancouver, 604-734-5516

“Good Vibrations” lyrics, by the Beach Boys

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