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Kerry Sauriol’s Favourite Things

Kerry Sauriol’s Favourite Things

Having discovered that children don’t give annual employee evaluations, Kerry Sauriol jumped at the chance seven years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. She has found she can more than handle being called a “stupid head” by her two eldest and sweetly precocious children instead of being fired by her peers.

Kerry’s hold on sanity is her computer and the world of mommy bloggers. She can ignore the chaos created by three kids, three cats, a dog and patient husband and find the peace it takes to come up with her latest post at her personal site Crunchy Carpets. Apart from obsessive tweeting and Facebooking, she can also be found haranguing people to post on her other community site Wet Coast Women.

Favourite Thing For Your Kids

Crayola Products – quiet creativity. Lego – LOUD creativity. Nintendo – quiet for mom.

Favourite Thing For You

That would have to be my iPhone. It is my preciousssssss! Honestly, I don’t know how I would stay remotely organized without it. Plus it makes me look hip.

Favourite Thing For Work

My “work” is really just my blogs – so again it would be my iPhone for being able to keep up with what is going outside of the sphere of my children’s lives.

Favourite Place in Vancouver

Sadly, I don’t seem to get out much anywhere these days, but always..always, my place for some peace, with or without the kids is Spanish Banks (west). I used to go there on my own pre-children to relax and watch the sun set and still do the same with the kids.

Favourite Birthday Gift Idea

I am asking for a thingie to plug in my iPhone into the car this year. For the TUNES!!!!

Favourite Kids Book

The Three Questions by Jon J Muth. Can read it over and over again and love the deep discussions it has inspired with my son.

Favourite Restaurant

I don’t get out all that much and eat at too many fast food places. But my husband and I do end up at Provence on 10th when stuck for a yummy and romantic place to eat.

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