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Grocery Shopping the Easy Way at Stong’s Market

Grocery Shopping the Easy Way at Stong’s Market

Grocery shopping is not one of my favourite activities. Arriving at a busy store without a list or a meal plan for the week at 3:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon with a toddler on my hip? I can’t think of anything I would enjoy less. It’s a tough job, and I’m usually the someone who’s gotta do it.

grocery shopping stongs marketLocal Grocery Shopping Experience

I have been a customer of Stong’s Market ever since I moved into the neighborhood. I liked the fact that it was a community store and not a big chain, and I also liked that they carried a lot of local products. I have continued to be a regular customer, since I have found that they always seem to have good quality produce, meat and other fresh foods, and the service has generally been helpful and friendly.

Delivery Service

When I was on maternity leave some time ago, I was on a playdate with a friend of mine who was also on mat leave. I was surprised to learn she was also a loyal customer of Stong’s Market, despite the fact that she didn’t live in the neighbourhood. Plus, she didn’t have a car, and there were several other grocery stores in her area.

grocery shopping stongs marketThat’s when I learned about the Stong’s delivery service. For a fee of $7.99, you can order your groceries online and Stong’s will deliver them to you anywhere in the Lower Mainland. My friend, at home with a baby all day and no vehicle, often did her shopping at the stores closest to her. But there were times (like when she came down with the flu, or on a particularly cold, windy and rainy day) where the thought of taking her baby out to buy groceries, even at her own local store, was so daunting that the delivery fee made it all worthwhile.

Local Convenience

If you still prefer to select your own apples and examine nutritional labels, the in-store shopping experience is pretty good at Stong’s. They have a large parking lot, making it easy to get in and out quickly. They’re also open 7:00 am to midnight seven days a week, which is totally convenient for most busy lifestyles.

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