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Entrepreneur to Watch: Heather White and Lori Joyce of Cupcakes

Entrepreneur to Watch: Heather White and Lori Joyce of Cupcakes

Heather White and Lori Joyce of Cupcakes

Heather White and Lori Joyce are the hard-working duo behind Vancouver’s mega-successful Cupcakes franchise, which they started in 2002. Best friends since they were 15, the girls continue to grow their business while juggling parenthood and their friendship. The second season of a documentary series about their business, The Cupcake Girls, premieres Wednesday, April 6, 2011 on W Network.

Talking to Heather White and Lori Joyce

What were you doing before you opened your business?

We were both working for the same company: Odorchem Manufacturing Corp (a local industrial odour control company). We were both in sales. Practically the opposite of Cupcakes!

What inspired you to start your company?

We had always dreamed about starting our own company, ever since we were teenagers. We also had fun ideas and ultimately got bored of our jobs. Cupcakes happened to be the right idea at the right time. We were in our late 20s and both bored of our jobs.

What is your company all about?

Celebrate every day.

Cupcakes is committed to using top-quality ingredients, tools and equipment to ensure that our baked goods are the freshest and most satisfying in the marketplace.

What’s your vision for your company?

To be the leading brand in the retail baking industry and to be the brand that people choose when they choose to celebrate.

What excites you about what you’re doing?

Personal freedom and having the ability to empower and motivate employees and franchisees.

What are some early examples of success?

Surviving our first year of business, opening up store number 2, and maintaining our partnership through the last nine years–that is by far the biggest success!

Are there any charities or organizations you’re involved in?

Every month, every Cupcakes location partners with a local charity organization and we produce a cause cupcake. March was the “Paw Print” cupcake, a partnership with the SPCA. Other examples of organizations are Salvation Army, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Dress for Success, and Big Sisters.

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Image courtesy of Cupcakes by Heather White and Lori Joyce.

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