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Casting Calls in Vancouver: Take Part in a Reality TV Series

Casting Calls in Vancouver: Take Part in a Reality TV Series

The Film Industry in Vancouver

The thirst for reality TV has been rampant across North America since its inception ten years ago and Vancouver is no exception. Despite cuts to the film industry, there is still plenty of filming being done right here in our backyard.

Maybe you have a penchant for the drama and first world problems of the Real Housewives of Vancouver? (Not to be confused with the REAL Real Housewives of YVR.) Or, do you relate to a more alternative lifestyle, sublimely recalcitrant as you wait to see how The Real Hipsters of Vancouver portrays your postmodern hippie/modern ways that still haven’t been categorized?

Casting Calls in Vancouver

Perhaps you’d rather watch The Property Brothers whip over-priced Vancouver homes into shape or follow Love It or List It for ideas on how to maximize the return on your flip? But have you considered actually participating in shows like these? Wherever your interests lie, there are several shows filming right now that are looking for people like you or someone you know to participate.

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Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Maybe the shows described above aren’t your thing. Maybe the idea of watching ‘real’-ity programs like the RHOV makes you feel a bit ill.  I can relate. I have enough drama in my own life, I certainly don’t want to watch the gong show that is reality TV. I’d much rather watch something real, something that speaks to me and is filled with people who want to make a difference in the world. Thankfully, W Network has a refreshingly new social experiment series being filmed here in Vancouver that may just restore our faith in humanity. And, they are looking for participants to complete their first season!

The Audience Canada is Looking for You!

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The Audience is a transformative, caring and compassionate television series. Each one-hour episode focuses on an individual or family who is struggling with a life-changing decision and is at a crossroads in their life. The inspiration for the show is the modern trend of crowd sourcing. Every day, millions of users on Twitter and Facebook consult their family, friends and followers for advice. Many of our major decisions are played out online. The Audience brings the concept of social networking to television and explores the question: Can the wisdom of the crowd change a person’s life for the better?

The Audience employs a clever and surprising format. For one week, the individual is followed by ‘The Audience’; 50 ordinary, insightful people from diverse backgrounds. ‘The Audience’ puts their heads together, debates the dilemma, and comes up with the best possible solution… the wisdom of the crowd. At the end of the week, ‘The Audience’ presents its considered, collective, and thoughtful advice to the individual that should help them move forward and make a positive decision regarding their dilemma.

Reality TV Testimonials

Not convinced yet? Here are testimonials from previous participants with dilemmas on this reality TV show:

“My experience on The Audience was truly life changing… what was so cool was that a group of strangers could come together, learn to understand me and make a decision to really help me change my life.” – Susan

“By participating in The Audience, not only did I meet people who were so caring and kind-hearted; I was inspired by the ideas they contributed to solve my personal dilemma. It was absolutely worth the journey to share my personal story with these people; hopefully it will inspire others in the same way.” – Aimee

Get Involved!The Audience event, Thursday May 23, 2013

The producers from the W The Audience are holding two networking events to talk with the public and get questions answered about why you should be part of this reality TV show. The Audience is going to be truly transformative for not only the people who participate but for viewers as well. It’s already proven to be a huge success in the UK and from what I understand, the Canadian version is going to be even better!

They’re holding two open house events on Thursday, May 23, 2013. The first runs from 12:00-2:30pm at the Granville Island Picnic Pavilion, and it’s for moms only. Bring your family along, meet other moms and network. The second is from 4:00-6:30pm, also at the Granville Island Picnic Pavilion, and you can stop by after work to meet the producers and cast of The Audience. Socialize and learn how you can get involved. To RSVP to either, or for more info about the show, email [email protected].

The Audience | Twitter | Facebook

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