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Kids and Art: Six Lasting Benefits

Kids and Art: Six Lasting Benefits

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We all know that kids love expressing their creativity. But did you know that taking a walk on the artistic side also has many benefits? It’s true. Kids and art are a match made in heaven, with positive effects that can be life-long.

1. The Arts Stimulate Creativity

Being able to think creatively and having a well-developed imagination doesn’t only help you when you’re painting a picture or writing a story. Any adult can tell you that being able to think outside the box and look at things from different angles are important life skills. In fact, an article on lists creativity as one of the seven most critical job skills.

2. The Arts Build Motor Skills

Dancing, theatre, painting, sculpting, cartooning, playing the piano all have one thing in common: they help build motor skills. Whether you’re trying to capture a scene on paper or trying to move your body, you’re honing your ability to move your muscles in very specific ways. In the process, your kids are learning coordination that can come in useful whether they’re learning to print words on paper, play a sport or just navigate the world.

3. Kids and Art Lead to Self-Expression

An article at points out that through the arts, kids learn to express themselves and their emotions. And the best part is they’re doing this in constructive ways, rather than taking out their emotions on your furniture. By exploring their feelings through art, kids learn to understand themselves better, and may even forge a useful outlet that can last a lifetime.

4. The Arts Teach Problem-Solving Skills

When you start out as an artist, whether we’re talking kids and art or adults and art, you likely won’t be able to produce work that looks exactly as you would like it to look. As you explore and build your skill set, however, you’ll learn to see the world (and your art) in new ways. By trying different approaches, you’ll be exercising innovation and learning how to solve problems. An article on the PBS Parents website, asserts that by participating in the arts, kids learn to solve problems in simple and powerful ways, all on their own.

5. The Arts Expose Kids to Different Cultures and Ideas

Creating something is only half the equation when it comes to kids and art. Kids also benefit by being exposed to the arts, whether they’re visiting a gallery, listening to music or taking in a play. Through the arts we are exposed to different cultures and ideas. We learn that not everyone looks at the world in the same way. In the process, our own horizons are broadened. Even seeing the work of other students in an art class can give us a new perspective, or help us see things from a new perspective.

6. The Arts are Fun

Okay, this benefit isn’t exactly based in science. But sometimes, we all just want to cut loose and enjoy ourselves. When we’re talking about kids and art, or kids and science, or kids and pretty much everything, the truth is that they’re more likely to stick with something they enjoy. This means that if they’re having fun, then they’ll keep at it and gain all the other benefits we discussed already. What’s not to love about that?

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What do your kids love about participating in the arts? Leave us a reply and tell us your kids and art story.

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This article was sponsored by Arts Umbrella. At Arts Umbrella they believe that the arts can change young people’s lives for the better. When children connect with the arts, they develop the capacity for personal expression that helps them to find their place in the world. Their programs allow your kids to explore architecture, dance, media arts, music, photography, theatre, visual arts and more, while also having a fabulous time! It’s a great way to experience the benefits of kids and art. | Twitter | Facebook

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