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A New School Year: From the First Day of School to the First Week

A New School Year: From the First Day of School to the First Week

I know there are a lot of excited kids and parents getting ready for a new school year. With only a few days before the kids head off for their first day of school here are a few tips to get you and your kids started on the right note for the school year.

The First Day of School

Two Boys playing at the Vancouver School Board first day of schoolAll public schools have a variable school population and not all parents tell the schools when they are moving or changing schools. The first day of school is mainly a chance for the school to take stock and get a head count. The first day varies, but most schools only have the kids for an hour. It’s just enough time to be in the class from last year and see the teacher from last year. They are usually in the same classroom as last year. If you are changing schools, or have a child in kindergarten there will be different places for them to be. If you do not know where your child is expected you should call your school and find out what procedure you will be following. Most, but not all, schools have a website, sometimes it is useful and sometimes not so much. Don’t be discouraged, your school administrators should know what is going on and be helpful.

The First Week of School

With the first day of school out of the way, kids will start heading to school all day. The first week will be a little chaotic. It usually takes a few days for the enrollment numbers to be worked out and the classes to be made up for the year. This usually means that your child will not be in a class with their permanent teacher for almost a week. The exception is kindergarten where they will begin the process of gradual entry. You will be given a schedule that should take no more than two weeks to get the kindergarten children up to the full day.

School Supplies

In a lot of elementary schools you do not need to worry about buying school supplies for the first day of school. Most Vancouver elementary schools ask you for a supply fee and provide the supplies to the pupils. That being said there are a few school supplies that are good to have around the house. I would make sure that you have pencils, crayons/coloured pencils, scissors and erasers. It will be a while before your children have homework, but they may want to practice their skills and it helps to have these supplies on hand.

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Remember that the first couple of weeks of the new school year can be chaotic and try your best to relax. Routines will reassert themselves in the next couple of weeks and before you know it the kids will be on winter break.

Happy New School Year!

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