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OXO Tot Review: Hugs and Kisses to a Brand I Love

OXO Tot Review: Hugs and Kisses to a Brand I Love

When I heard that OXO came out with their OXO Tot line for kids, now available at Raspberry Kids, I admit I was biased even before I started writing this OXO Tot review.

Next to Apple and Starbucks, OXO ranks pretty high in terms of brand loyalty in my house. My can opener and potato peeler are kitchen essentials and when my husband returned from the store with a garlic press from another brand, I promptly asked him to go back and get a “real” one from OXO.

Made of bright simple colours with modern clean lines, the OXO Tot kids line offers the same ergonomic sensibility found in their regular kitchen lines.

I Love It – OXO Tot Review

My toddler is learning how to feed herself and the high lip of the OXO Tot plate ($8.49) lets her scoop up her meal with minimal spills. The rim clips off, making it more like a regular plate when your child has become a more proficient eater.

The OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set ($8.49) is a real winner. The handles are easy for my one-year-old to grip and the set is designed for her to maneuver her food easily into her mouth. The extra wide bowl of the spoon really helps her to scoop up yogurt and rice.  I was especially impressed by the fork, which with its large tines allowed her to pierce her food without it slipping off the end. The curve in the utensils also help to prevent them from rolling off her table.

OXO really helps toddlers transition to “big” utensils, while minimizing the frustration and mess.

Available in multiple colours, the OXO Tot Fork and Spoon set and OXO Tot plate is available separately or in a set, which comes with a bowl, for $29.99 at Raspberry Kids.

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